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Ditch the Dangerous AC Charger and Much More

Whether it is trying to start your boat after it has languished for the winter in a shed or storage unit, or remembering to start your RV on a regular basis when not on a trip, there are multiple ways that a single battery can cause you countless frustrations and wasted hours. In some instances, a dead battery can ruin your entire family vacation.

However, this need not be the case. Solutions, such as the Trik L Start are alleviating this major concern for owners of different vehicles. There is no need to sacrifice even an hour of time with your family, or being otherwise productive, to battery problems on your RV or boat. Here are a few of the best ways to maximize use of your latest RV maintenance accessory.

What Is the Trik L Start?
The Trik L Start is one of the most convenient ways to restart a battery that is dead or sputtering on a motor home or marine craft. It is a 5-amp battery charger that does not require AC wiring or extension cords. Therefore, it can be utilized away from a power source or AC outlet, and because it does not need an electrical hookup to operate there is far less chance of electric shock or similar injury when you use this battery charger.

Unlike the pesky battery in your boat or RV, the Trik L Start is reliable. It is carefully constructed out of durable hardware and long-lasting parts. Plus, this 5-amp battery charger is made right here in the United States, not overseas. Therefore, you can take it on the road with confidence, which you will certainly want to do, given that the battery charger is compact and portable. All of these features amount to a battery charger that can be utilized in a number of different scenarios.

When to Use this Battery Charger
Most customers initially purchase the Trik L Start as the backup to the battery built into their boat or RV, and intend to use the battery charger on an emergency basis. It is later that these owners discover a wider ways to make use of the device because the Trik L Start is certainly designed to be more than an emergency battery charger, although it will start your diesel or gas engine like a charm.

The best use of the battery charger is actually as a preventative mechanism to a dead battery. Even a newer battery can begin to fade and lose strength, if not utilized and charged on a regular basis. The effects of non-use are augmented in drastic conditions, such as cold or humidity. This is why your neighbor is taking a spin around the block in his RV just before Christmas Day; he knows that letting his camper sit idly in the driveway all winter will mean it does not start come the first of April. Instead of a spin around the block, you can simply hook up the Trik L Start and have your battery fully recharged in a short period of time. Perhaps, you should share this handy information with the neighbor the next time you see him warming up the RV in January.

The same functionality is great for boats. Unlike an RV, which can be taken on short spurts during the winter months, a boat on your lake in Wisconsin or Ohio is likely to sit in storage for the entire winter. Rather than struggle with the battery your first day on the water, simply begin the season by recharging the battery. With the Trik L Start, you are likely to experience fewer frustrations the entire summer season because that initial boost to your battery gave it new life.

Great Money Saving Mechanism
This handy battery charger is the perfect product to save you money. There will be no frantic calls to a technician while down at the marina or need for a visit by road side assistance while out in your RV or camper. Eliminating these emergency costs alone could save you hundreds of dollars in maintenance of your RV or boat. However, consider all of the other ways the Trik L Start is utilized.

When you use this battery charger to intermittently start an older RV or do the initial start on your boat before the warmer season, you are proactively preventing the need for greater maintenance. Your battery will stay useable longer, as the Trik L Start does not drain your battery life or otherwise interfere with the functionality of your battery. As you are continuously and effectively providing preventative maintenance of your boat or RV, then over time, you will need to purchaser far fewer batteries.

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