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How to Get the Most from Your Stroller Organizer

We've gathered our best tips to help you take full advantage of your stroller organizer.

How huge of a drink would you be able to put in the cup holders?

The stroller organizer can fit two extensive estimated beverages, for example, the Starbucks Grande 16 Fl. oz. glass, a Baby's Sippy Cup or 1 liter water bottle.

Other than the 2 cup holders, what else does it fit?

The 2 glass holders are situated on the left and right side. The center area is the essential compartment where you can store wet wipes, snacks, diapers, a pacifier, shades, travel measure Kleenex or an infant kiddie apron. There is likewise a separable pocket for your own things, cell phone, keys, cards and money. It hurdles off so you can bring your resources with you when you have to step far from the stroller.

What brand of strollers would it be able to fit?

The stroller organizer can fit an extensive variety of accessible strollers. Here are a couple of the more typical strollers our clients have fitted the stroller organizer to:

– Bob Revolution Single Jogger

– Britax B-Agile

– Bugaboo Bee Plus

– Bugaboo Cameleon 3

– Chicco Stroller

– City Mini GT

– City Mini Jogger

– Graco Trekko

– Joovy Scooter

– Joovy Groove

– Nuna Pepp

– Phil and Teds Stroller

– Quicksmart Backpack Stroller

– UPPAbaby Cruz

– UPPAbaby Vista

Could you overlap up to a stroller with the stroller organizer still joined?

That truly relies on upon how the specific stroller breakdown when collapsed up. Be that as it may, when all is said in done, yes, the stroller organizer is adaptable and can be moved off the beaten path. You will need to evacuate any drinks and massive things like a stuffed toy from the organizer. The stroller organizer can likewise be immediately expelled by discharging the Velcro straps.

Could I utilize this with a twofold stroller?

The stroller organizer is implied for a solitary stroller. The straps are not sufficiently long to extend the width of a twofold stroller.

Can the cup holder fit the 27 oz? Klean Kanteen?

Yes, to fit a larger than average drink into the stroller organizer, utilize the center compartment which has adequate space.

Will the stroller tip over on the off chance that I put an excessive number of things in the stroller organizer?

Your child's security is our most extreme concern. As you load and empty things into your infant stroller, please make an effort to remain aware of adjusting the weight and load in the stroller particularly with your little child on board. On the off chance that there are excessively numerous substantial things in the stroller organizer, it might tip over when you expel

your infant from the stroller if the stroller is light in weight and mass. This is particularly valid in the event that you happen to utilize an umbrella stroller and the twist abruptly blasts.

Could I fit my iPhone 6 inside the separable pocket?

Yes, the pocket will fit an iPhone 6 – alongside a couple Mastercards, money, and pocket tissue.

Will it wobble excessively? Am I anxious my espresso my spill?

The pockets are profound and material is very solid, so it won't wobble excessively. We suggest utilizing shut drinking holders like a water jug, flagon or secured glass.

Does the protected material keep my drink cool or hot?

Yes, the Neoprene material will help keep up the temperature of your drink. For the security of your child, we suggest that you NOT put open measures of hot fluid into the cup holder. Be that as it may, in the event that you should, evacuate a decent size part of the hot fluid from the cup and cover with a top.

How would I clean the item?

You can wipe the stroller organizer with a dry towel in case of a spill. To clean, hand-wash in warm water and lay level to air dry. Abstain from utilizing the clothes washer or dish washer to draw out the life of the stroller organizer.

Info Source: Baby Gear Blog