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Why Do People Need To Make Memorial Monuments

People are often heard saying “Life goes on, no matter what!” Alas! It is just a saying and what would we not give to make this saying come true! Regardless of how much we need life to go on and ahead endlessly, it barely ever agrees with our wishes; with our trusts and our petitions to the Almighty. The most amazing yet overwhelming truth of existence is truly actually death. Once an individual is born, it absolutely comes to be sure that he will one day need to pass on. Yet, stunning it is that we devise a workable plan to neglect this dismal truth and joyfully go about our lives, pretending as if we do not know about our impending ends. Possibly this cognizant carelessness is a delight. It is this distraction that encourages us to stay reasonable and get a charge out of our lives. It is this conscious absent mindedness that encourages us to set objectives, achieve them, become hopelessly enamored and basically live life. In any case, the quiet strides of Death are never far behind and regardless of how desperately we attempt to disregard it; it usually sneaks up around the corner. There is constantly the unwavering note at the back of our personalities that at any given minute Death can come bursting through our doors and there is scarcely anything that we can do to prevent it from taking us into its clutches.

Yes, the very thought of having our friends and family torn mercilessly away from us is frightening. It is truly soul shattering to have a favored individual taken away from us. We all fear it; however, in any case, as we are all ordained to bear that ache, we have, by one means or another, come to accept this supreme decisiveness. It must be specified here that the possibility of accepting a loved one’s death and proceeding onward with life sounds easy, when it, in reality, is anything but. The pain is so terrible, it would be impossible to intentionally attempt to forget someone you cherished and lost; sometimes people are just against the idea of intentionally trying to forget the deceased individual. We put all our mindful and earnest effort in recalling the beloved that we have lost. We try our best to cherish that person’s memories and go on with them. It is in light of this need to remember them that people decide to make memorial monuments. These are not only the reminders of our appreciation for the expired; every monument is additionally the bearer of the memories of that individual. Precisely, because of this reason these memorials are made to stand the tests of time.

However, if the technical details are acknowledged, the memorials and monuments can in no way be pointed to as synonymous. These certainly have some likenesses, however, and are thus used to denote the same things very often. The word ‘monument first showed up in the thirteenth century and had been derived from the Latin word ‘monumentum’. This Latin word initially meant a spot or structure that was designed to preserve the memories of a deceased individual. It was utilized to point to something which basically ‘reminded’ of somebody. Over the years, this statement obtained a broader significance and now, applies to a considerable measure to various edifices and structures. That is the reason the expressions ‘memorial monuments’ are utilized to indicate the things which are built in the memory of somebody. As stated previously, the aforementioned structures are made to stand the tests of time and thus, materials like rock, marble and bronze are commonly used to build them.

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