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Offer Paperless Options for Residential Utility Billing

If you want to make it more convenient for your tenants to pay their resident utility billing and cut down on the possibility of late payments in the process, consider outsourcing your billing services to a company that offers paperless billing. Take a look at what you can offer your tenants with paperless billing methods.


Saves Your Tenants Time


Paying a bill shouldn’t seem like a time waster, but if you think about it, paying a bill does involve a lengthy process. The envelope has to be opened, the bill has to be read, a check has to be written, the amount should be recorded in the tenant’s checkbook or other record, the check has to be placed in a return envelope, and finally, it has to be mailed off. Also, the bill invoices tenants receive will start piling up if they are not shredded, so bill disposal is another concern. A paperless service eliminates all of this. The billing is just a display on your tenant’s computer, and payment can be processed with the click of a mouse.


Saves Your Tenants Money


According to recent news, a single postage stamp costs 49 cents. Assuming that utility bills for your tenants run once a month, that means your tenant will have to buy five dollars and eighty-eight cents worth of stamps to mail in all of their payments. That’s not even counting the stamps your tenants need to pay for other bills like phones, cable or satellite service and health insurance. Offering a paperless route for resident utility billing through an outsourcing service can save money for your tenants. Every little bit helps, and if your tenants have an easy way to pay their bills without having to pay to do it, it can help retain tenants or draw in new ones. 

Reminds Your Tenants to Pay


Nobody wants to be late paying bills. You want the money as soon as possible, and your tenants don’t want to incur late charges or endanger their rental agreement. Yet in a fast paced world, it is possible that a bill isn’t paid on time, or the bill doesn’t arrive before the due date. Many paperless payment systems offer automatic reminders through emails or even a voice message telling you when your payments are near due. Better yet, your tenants don’t even have to be burdened with remembering to pay up at all. A lot of paperless billing services offer an automatic payment system. Quite simply, your tenants don’t have to worry about paying the bill. The bill is paid automatically when they sign up. Automatic payment services can be linked to the tenant’s checking account or a credit card and simply take the money each time it is due.


Having happy tenants that have one less thing to worry about in their busy lives can be a big assist to landlords, not only in collecting tenant residential billing, but also as they seek to promote their properties as a good place to live. Tenants that know that utility bills won’t be a hassle will be more likely to choose your property as a place to rent.