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Buy electric kettles and coffee makers that are the right choice for you

Today many people have smartened up; they don’t want to spend thousands of rupees every year in gourmet teas and coffee take outs, when they can spend half the money to buy a good home appliance that adds value and functionality to their kitchen, while also being a one-time expensive that puts a twist in the way people spend together quality family time. If you are wise, you will prefer to make a one-time investment in best coffee makers and branded electric kettles as opposed to getting a store bought cup with the family. This is primarily because today brands like Morphy Richards, Black and Decker and Philips manufacture the most sophisticated of machines available for home use that are sold online at more reasonable prices, and the designs are so attractive that they uplift the kitchen decor as well.

For coffee lovers: The best buy coffee makers

If you love coffee, chances are that the homemade cup of Bru or Nescafe leaves you feeling unsatisfied. If you want a more exotic coffee drinking experience, you should consider spending money on electric coffee makers that can prepare more than just a tepid cup of coffee but can let you make lattes, cappuccino, espresso, mocha and mochaccino at home!

If you want just a simple cup of coffee using instant coffee powder, water, milk and sugar, the basic cheap coffee makers will do the job and do it much faster than you can manually. Some will also have a steam wand to create froth and adding steam also makes filter coffee more flavourful. However, if you travel abroad and have a collection of great coffee beans from different parts of the world, coffee makers with grinders are a better choice. It will make a strong brew to the right temperature and it’s up to you if you want to add foaming milk and sugar, cream and cinnamon, or drink your coffee black. For those who like to do even lesser work (that which is usually involved in cleaning up later) the bean to cup coffee makers is perfect. A new style that has been introduced is the pod to cup style newest coffee makers; they use a simple pod with rich coffee extract and create a beautiful cup of cappuccino from it in a few minutes; and what is better is that it takes better than even professional grade takeout coffee!

For tea lovers: The best buy electric kettles

If you use tea bags for a cup of tea, all you really need is electric water kettles. These will heat water to an exact temperature, something that is difficult to do manually without a thermometer, to extract the flavour from the tea bag in the best possible way and are the easiest to use. British style electric tea kettles will have a chamber that will brew fresh tea leaves. These are ideal for people who like to drink Earl Greys, Green tea or Fruit flavour infused tea that uses no milk. However, if you are a camp happy family who travels a lot, electric travel kettles are the perfect choice. They are cordless so are easy to pack, easy to carry, lightweight to use and also easy to clean.