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Electric food processors & electric hand blenders that is just right for your needs

Creating delicious meals can become extremely effortless if you choose to buy hand food blenders and food processors. Things that you always needed to use your hands for and which resulted in wasted precious time can now be handled easily and quickly with a simple to use appliance. With women working just as long hours as men, today preparing a healthy nutritious meal at home can be quite taxing. Therefore, kitchen appliances like blenders and food processors that reduce cooking and preparation time to a great extent are indispensible for modern families.

The biggest reason that electric food processors are so popular today is that they can do a lot of tasks that were required to be done manually during preparation of food. These can chop vegetables, grind dry masalas, make pastes and sauces, puree vegetables and soups, knead dough for breads and pies, blend a variety of powders and liquids, extract juices and much more. However, these come in many sizes, price ranges and wattage and the right machine for you will be one that suits the need of your family in the best way possible. In case you are a small family that doesn’t need a large food processor for every day cooking but you do entertain a lot, which requires you to have versatile appliances that can help you prepare gourmet meals for friends and family more than twice a month, a buy food processors of a medium size and choose from hand food blenders for everyday use.

Hand blender mixers are great kitchen tools – small and easy to store as well as clean, these come with various accessories separately, which allow them to be able to prepare shakes, juices, mince and chop finely, puree as well as grind small quantities of masalas. However, the masalas grinder jar that accompanies electric hand blenders is often very small and only manages to make masalas and pastes for small families. They have serious limitations when it comes to the amount of food they can work with in a single time, and that is the main reason that people who live in joint families prefer to buy food processors, as these can handle larger batches of food with ease.

Most families will buy a medium sized food processor and also have a hand blender for everyday use because even the smallest of food processors require more storage space and are far more expensive that even the best hand blenders. Apart from kneading dough or slicing evenly, most quality electric hand blenders can handle the same job as food processors do, just that they can only handle smaller quantities and fewer ingredients because they have lesser power and all attachments that come with them are of a smaller size. If storage and portability is an issue, choose blenders and food processors with a retractable cord to make it more easily usable, or pick a model that has a stacking system for blades and accessories. Best food processors Philips, Morphy Richards and Glen as well as best hand blenders Philips, Morphy Richards and Inalsa are reliable options.