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Ultimate shopping guide: Induction cooktops & electric cookers

Induction cooktops and electric cookers can help to save time and effort in the kitchen. Not only do they cook fast, they also are much safer to use. With a new modular kitchen, it makes sense to also and install kitchen induction cooktops as these are a futuristic technology – helping to save time, bills and also ensuring safety. On the other hand, even a traditional home will benefit from cheapest electric cookers as these can reduce cooking time for soups, steaming and rice. Both of these appliances add practicality to your kitchen. Therefore, making sure that you have a list of your requirements figured out before making the purchase is only logical.

If you are looking to buy Induction Cooktops and cheap cookers electric, you need to consider your cooking requirements and the kind of space you have. With cooktops you can find a single burner, 2 burners, 3 burner and even 4 burner options. The right model will be the one that sits perfectly on your counter top and also caters to your specific cooking needs. Also important to consider are the design and the features offered to make a value addition buy. Always check for the power requirement and features available when you buy branded induction cooktops or buy electric cookers. Appliances that draw too much power can result in increased electricity bills.

Choosing reliable brands is very important because it ensures quality, durability, safety and practicality. Whether you are looking for branded induction cooktops by Glen and Inalsa or Panasonic, Philips and Morphy Richards electric cookers, knowing your requirements before hand and doing a thorough search on features available and price comparison is important. From counter size to features available to power supply requirements, these considerations will help you make an informed purchase.

Cost is often an important consideration for new appliances. Induction cooktops are very efficient because they make use of induction heating to cook food rather than gas or electric coils for the transfer of heat, which makes them safer. Similarly, cheap electric cookers can save time and effort in the kitchen, making you a happier home maker. However, don’t forget that when you install an induction cooktop, you will also need to invest in special cookware for induction cooktops, because regular cast iron and aluminium utensils cannot be used on such cooktops. Therefore, analyze where and how you will store the cookware, though the additional benefit if these is that they can just as easily used on traditional gas cooktops and hence are a good investment, especially if you buy non-stick cookware.

When looking at branded electric cookers, find a model that has an automatic cut off feature. Even some induction cooktops have timers that offer automatic shut down and these are a better operation. With a timer and automatic shut off feature, you can just as easily leave a dish to cook, set the time and handle other chores around the house. For busy working women, such value addition features are well worth paying a little extra money for.