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The Pros and Cons of Bunk Bed Singapore

If they are almost unanimous in children, the bunk bed Singapore divides the parents. When some advances the solution gain of place, others brandish the risk and inaccessibility argument.

1.    A mezzanine spirit
Let's face it; bunk bed Singapore has this small side hiding place and cabin that reminds us of our childhood. In its bubble, high up, sheltered from eyes, the child constructs his universe there and develops his imagination. With the ladder as an obligatory passage, the playful dimension is omnipresent for the child. The bed function is sometimes relegated to the background.

2.    A multifunctional space
For the younger, the lower level is often reserved for the game. Indeed, the high bed is forgotten the day to become entertainment or storage area (toys, clothes, business, etc.). For some half-height beds, drawers and cupboards are an integral part of the furniture.

3.    Safety
If you want to have two young children in the same room, the bunk bed Singapore is an ideal solution. The younger of the two, especially if under the age of 5, will be able to occupy the lower bed safely, while the larger one will take its quarters in height.

1.    Firmness
All beds in height must be provided with fixed, relatively high and resistant edges (or bars) to prevent any risk of falling. Do not forget that a bed in height requires solid fixings on the wall to avoid any risk of tipping or embrittlement of the structure.

2.    Height
The height of the raised bed must match the height of the ceiling. If it is too low, the child will not be able to move without the risk of bumping into the ceiling, which would be totally uncomfortable. The size of your children is also a criterion of choice. As they grow up, they may not be able to sit.

As for the budget, bunk bed Singapore is an economical solution. If the immediate cost seems to be higher at first glance, the separate purchase of an office, a bed and storage often represents a larger overall budget.

To summarize, if you want to build a small child's room, bunk bed Singapore is a good solution. Slightly more expensive to buy than a traditional bed, it offers additional storage and fitting possibilities. Ensure that all safety conditions are met (location, minimum age, fastening, etc.).