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Phone Sex Operator Pay PSO jobs are lucrative!

We do things a little differently here at WBMTT .  Some companies pay a straight rate per minute of call time and every one makes the same rate per minute regardless of who worked hard or was not very productive.  We like to pay our phone sex operator a little differently.  We pay based on effort.

Being half of the job is about marketing yourself by blogging, social networking etc. it is only fair that the girls who are consistent and work the hardest should make the most money.  So we have a base pay of .50 a minute and that pay can go up to $1.10 per minute of call time based on how much effort you put forth.  The requirements to get to the top pay are simple.  Blog and participate in our social media efforts.   The requirements are minimal and our most successful girls do way more than what is required for their top pay.

So if you join our team prepare to be competitive.  Our team likes to make money and the ones who are successful are always the ones who work the hardest.  Having a sexy voice or creative imagination are only part of what goes behind being a good phone sex operator.  It also takes diligence, hard work and a desire to be the best PSO you can be.

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