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Furniture Shopping Tips for New Homes in Chicago

Furniture Shopping Tips for New Homes in Chicago


If you had been looking at new homes in Chicago and made the decision to purchase a Lexington home in one of our vibrant communities, congratulations. Now that finding the perfect home for you and your family is out of the way, it is time to think about furniture before you move in.


Here are four helpful tips to get you started:


Know Who & What the Furniture Will Be Used For


If pets, children or other messy house guests will be using your furniture, consider easy to clean fabrics and durability. A white plush sofa may not look too luxurious after some time if it cannot be properly and frequently cleaned. Also, consider all the activities that each piece of furniture needs to support and how often it will be used. The location of where the furniture is placed in your home, such as by a window with bright sunlight can have an effect on certain fabrics.


Understand Your Color Scheme


Does your new home already have an existing color scheme or decor that you love? If so, bring samples or pictures to be able to properly select furnishings that match.


 Measure, Measure, Measure


Just because there was a large couch in a model showroom doesn’t  always mean it will look right or fit the same in your living room. Measure, then double and triple check before you jot  them down and bring them with you, along with the measuring tape. Avoid disappointment when the delivery truck arrives and the piece you had your heart set on doesn't fit or look right in your space.


Consider Stairways and Hallways


Remember, the bed that you bought has to fit in the room, and you also have to be able to get it to the room. Always measure and plan for stairs, halls, and doorways. Also, by hiring professional movers to deliver and move your furniture will ensure and protect against damage to your walls and flooring.  It’s money well spent compared to damaging your items or new home.


Follow these steps and you can be sure that your furniture will look and feel great for the choice you made after viewing new homes in Chicago.