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How to spend economically for your wedding?

There is nothing more exciting than planning your own wedding, but this adventure can turn into a big expensive mess if you do not plan it well. Not everyone can afford to have a grand wedding and splurge like money grows on trees. If you are looking for the best ways to plan your wedding day economically, we have a few things that can help. Here are some items from your wedding that can be skipped: -

ü  Personalized goodies – We agree that personalized napkins, plates, or décor pieces might add a cute touch to the wedding but do you really need to personalize everything? You will already have a banner with your names wide and visible. Other than this, a few people go all out by getting personalized things for the guests with their names on it. That’s an expense you need to avoid.

ü  Package deals – You can find affordable wedding packages in Dubai when it comes to the venue, food, and decoration. Yes, there are many incredible budget-friendly packages that are available. If you already have a venue picked out or caterers, you can go for a package that offers other benefits in the same price.

ü  Guest books – We all know that a lot people love having guest books at their wedding but is it really necessary? In the real world, no guests will sign it at all as they will be busy enjoying the wedding. After a few drinks, no one will see your guest book. Skip this expense!

ü  Fancy plates – Yes, we know everyone wants the best plates and cutlery for their wedding, but you can pick something that is budget-friendly. You certainly don’t need an over to the top Versace plate or Bone China. At the end of the day, people will eat it and leave the dirty plates just as they are. There are countless options with plating and table décor that are affordable.

ü  Desserts – Don’t break your bank by having more than two special desserts for the guests. One can be of your choice and one of the groom. There will be a cake as well, so that makes up for the third dessert for the guests. If you are low on the money, just have a grand cake, that’s all! Trust us no one is going to complain about not having caramel bites or mousse.

ü  Accessories for the bridesmaids – Most of the time, the bride sponsors matching accessories too for the bridesmaid along with their dress, but if you do not want to spend too much, just ask them to wear a small piece of earring that matches and get flower bands. They are probably your best mates, so they will understand the budget cut. Don’t be shy to ask them to bring something.

Even if you plan a small wedding, your one fixed deposit is sure to get spent. Why get all your savings out and spend it on the extravagant wedding when it can be done in moderation? You can save this money for your coming future.