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The Upsurge of Heavy Equipment Freight Services in India

Cargo transportation services provide the shipment of different types of goods from the generating source to the delivery destination making use of various means of transportation. These shipments may include trucking, railways, by-air deliveries or waterway transport systems to deliver the goods in a quite safe and sound condition within the prefixed timeframe.


Major roles and responsibilities taken up by the providers of heavy cargo transportation services in India-

  • These companies furnish all types of arrangements of aircrafts as per the clients’ requirements, offering them round the clock support.

  • They take landing permissions across all the airports for aircrafts

  • Proper care of over-fly and technical permissions

  • Deliveries of highly sensitive cargo in a very careful manner

  • Ground handling is managed by these companies at all the designated airports in the country of the aircrafts and their crews etc.

  • These companies arrange the timely replacement of A.O.G aircrafts during emergencies

Modes of Transport of these services

While making all their shipping and transport decisions, the providers of heavy equipment freight services in India have to decide upon the best means of transportation for their goods. The factors that drastically influence these decisions are cost, dimensions of the goods to be shipped, specified time of delivery, the distance, the destination and the overall risks involved.


The popular modes of shipping and their characteristics pertaining to logistics include the following-


For shipments of smaller distances, most companies dealing in logistics prefer trucking services. It is one of the most inexpensive methods and totally hassle-free. Goods is loaded in the containers and dispatched to the destination by road.


Railways have always been used to deliver shipments of larger distances in considerably lesser time. In this method, containers are loaded with goods to be delivered, and placed over special structures to ensure quite safe and sound transport.


Ships are one of the most popular sources of transporting global deliveries with no constraints for timings. It is the safest medium to carry raw materials, heavy load equipments and large tools and machineries.


These days, air cargo transportation has drastically revolutionized the functionalities of the logistics industry. Although, this method of transportation costs more, it empowers logistic providers to accomplish international deliveries within hours. The world leader companies in logistics have their own world-class fleet of planes to offer quick cargo deliveries.

The providers of heavy equipment freight services in India, in the past one decade have earned a formidable reputation in the field of logistics. With the provision of direct foreign investment in this sector, the boom is yet to take place. It is the end user who is getting benefited like never before with all these developments.