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White Shirts for Cool and Relaxed Summers

You want the best clothes for yourself but it is important that they make you feel cool and relaxed amidst all the heat in summers. So, you must ideally go for a white-coloured shirt to feel cooler even when it is burning hot. The fabric has been given open weaves to make it breathable and its natural-occurring moisture-wicking quality only adds to the comfort.

Transitioning from an Office Look to an Evening Wear

The comfortable linen collection in white shirts allows a smooth transition from business wear into an evening outfit, that too without compromising upon the style or comfort. However, you may get bored of the plain white and therefore, you could use a little embroidery or prints over the shirts to brighten up. It may be made wearable through some Kantha work brought from the rural Bengal.

Give Your Office Shirts an Artistic Touch

These days, art finds a personal expression through spontaneity featured into the vivid colours of every day motifs – alpanas or religious symbols crafted by women. It is adopted by many designers to add a fun element to your office wear mostly made up of the Egyptian Giza cotton for a young and sleek look.

The Rajasthani Camel Leitmotif

Another design in fashion these days is the Rajasthani Camel leitmotif patient, dignified yet inquisitive to celebrate the contemporary India. These leitmotifs have been taken directly from the deserts of Jaisalmer where art takes shape in the form of awe-inspiring, intricate patterns over camel bodies.

The artisans actually grow it through shaving or trimming camel hair as well as dyeing it for three years to achieve a desired pattern. The secret to a sharp dressing is the unique stripes obtained from the dobby fitting just right. If you pick up the navy stripes, give it a dash of mustard for being paired up with the business pants, whether with a suit or without it.

The French Cuffs for an Understated, Minimal Look

A French cuff in white is best on the perfect occasions when you have to go to a wedding, special business event or a cocktail party. This is a dress shirt still appearing minimal and understated for the elegant gentleman. The traditional French cuff has actually gone a contemporary makeover with a contrast piping detail in blue.

Wear It with the Classic Cufflinks

For a refined detailing further, it can be paired with the classic cufflinks – jewelled or metallic and watch according to the mood and occasion. Even making a great statement is easy with the subtle geometric shapes shirt. Just put it on over sharp denims to carry a relaxed look while going semi-formal for your office or enjoying a dinner evening.

Triangle As A Design Element

Its elements are derived from the ancient Warli paintings. It is because the modern artists found an inspiration, intrigue, romance and mysticism in triangles. This became the most basic shape for depicting the glories of life spanning over the weddings, funerals, hunting scenes and festivities. The geometric shape has captured the imagination of Indian artists for centuries to be expressed in vivid hues. It has led to an abstract representation of triangles explaining the concepts of space and time.

Rustic Charm Finds Expression in Men Shirts

The rustic charm travelled from the conical tress and mountains to find an expression into our clothes. What gives it a sophisticated twist is using it to manufacture shirts from the superfine Egyptian Giza cotton. A special thing about it is that its yarn is two times finer from the market standards. This only adds to its luxurious appeal further.