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Blue and Red Diamonds – Fulfill Your Desire for Diamonds

Do you feel fascinated about the diamonds? Well, if you are truly a diamond lover and can afford them at any cost, then colored diamonds are the perfect choices for you. They can be of several colors and few of them are the rarest. In this article, we will mainly focus on the different aspects of red and blue diamonds to understand deeply. Knowledge will always help to make your best investments. So, let us take a look on them:

Red Diamonds: Passion Personified

Diamond is one of the most desirable possessions of humankind. Colored diamonds are very unique in nature and they come in just about every color of the spectrum. They command such a great range of variety for the admirers. Colored diamonds flaunt themselves in a versatile range of blue, pink, green, purple, orange, yellow, black, gray and red. Among them red diamond is the rarest one. Its uniqueness is unparalleled.

Such rarity of the red diamonds enhances the desirability factor even more. The vivid vibrant pure redness of the gem creates a breathtaking view. It is so rare a diamond that not to speak of the common people, most jewelers even have never seen it. By far, there exist approximately 20 natural red diamonds all over the world.

The Hancock Red, the most renowned red diamond, was found in Brazil, weighing 0.95 carats, named after its owner Warren Hancock. This diamond is round in shape. The 0.59 carat Rob Red is another unique collector’s item. This pear shaped red diamond is named after its founder Robert Bogel. The Moussaieff Red Diamond is a Fancy Red item, found by a Brazilian farmer in 1990. It weighs 5.11 carats, with a brilliant triangular cut. It was renamed Red Shield.  The Kazanijan Red Diamond was found by the Nazis during the Second World War in the Netherlands. It inherits historical legacy. The 5.05 carat gem is exhibited at the American Museum of Natural History.
Red is the color of love, depth and passion. Red Diamonds add fire, fuel and sparkle to this ever burning passion.
Blue Diamonds: Born Classics

The term diamond is derived from an ancient Greek word. Natural blue diamonds symbolize royal and sophisticated elegance. Blue diamonds evoke a sense of calmness and serenity. They are treasured so much because of their uniqueness, legendary timeless mystique and classic beauty. These expensive gemstones were used in necklaces, crowns and the other regal styled ornaments. Natural blue diamonds are structured due to the inclusion of boron. They are found in India, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa.

The shades of blue diamonds are primarily of three types, ice blue, sky blue and ocean blue. Ice blue diamonds are the slight tint of blue about them; sky blue diamonds are little brighter whereas ocean blue is the darkest one.

The first blue diamonds were discovered in the Kollur mine in India, in the mid 1600s. In recent times, they are mostly found in South Africa and Australia. The worth of a blue diamond is generally equated with its intensity. The deeper the color is the more value it demands.45.52 carat Hope Diamond is the largest and most expensive blue diamond. It bears an ethnic past shrouded with mystery. It has spelled the people over the centuries. It is named after King Henry Philip Hope. Thousands of visitors can experience the grandeur of Hope Diamond by visiting The Harry Winston Gallery of the Smithsonian’s Geology.

Natural blue diamonds are one of the rarest and expensive gems. It has been an object of desires since decades. They are treasured for their royal inheritance.