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I’m a cock sucking Mommy and a phone sex slut, but I make sure my son is taken care of and that is most important to me.

My son came to me whining that his balls were feeling achy and full, I encouraged him to jerk off but he said he’s been doing it for the last few days as much as he could, but it just wasn’t doing enough. I am sure we can all relate to that.
I told him to go sit down on the couch and I took his pants down, he was already really hard. I suck the head of his cock and deep throat him over and over, the precum from his cock taste so sweet and yummy a suck it all off and make sure to suck straight out of his cock hole. Wiggling my tongue so he can feel me trying to suck it out of him, I play with his tight blue balls and make him moan. My head bobbing up and down on his rock hard cock, and I feel them tighten even more, his cock starts to pulse. His cum starts shoot into my mouth and down my throat. He is grunting as each load sprays the back of my tongue. Breathing hard he says “Thanks Mom.” And smiles satisfied. Mommy Phone Sex