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I got what I wanted

Have you ever had a fantasy about someone you thought you couldn’t be with? I have had those so many times, but turned out they wanted it just as bad as me! Since starting college in the Fall, I’ve made quite a lot of friends. Recently I had admitted to a girl friend of mine that I was seriously hot for her boyfriend. Knowing she was bi, I thought maybe we could have a little fun with him.

When he came home from work, she had me come over. As soon as I walked in the door, her boyfriend was grabbing me, gagging me, and throwing me on the couch while taking every single piece of clothing off with this mouth! For the love of god my pussy was instantly wet. My best friend just sat in the corner of the room fingering her tight little slit while her boyfriend pushed himself on top of me. 

He tied my hands together with a nice silky tie, and put my hands above my head. He then took a handkerchief and gagged me. Not even seconds later his pants were off, exposing a nice thick dick, completely bald and 2 huge balls dangled underneath. I knew he was quite a bit older than us, and now I was starting to realize he was old enough to be my dad! He asked if I wanted to his daddy cock. I moaned “Fuck yes!”, just as he took his fat cock and buried it as deep as he could into my pussy. He leaned down to kiss me, and told me to tell him how much I loved him. Fuck this was so hot. My pussy was throbbing with him deep inside me. He pounded my tight cunt for at least another 20 minutes, continuing to make me cum over and over again, until the last time I finally squirted uncontrollably all over his cock! Just as soon as I was done, he turned me over, and jerked his cock for my best friend asking her if she liked what she saw. He came all over my ass when he was finished. What gets you hot? Pick up your phone and tell me! cheap phone sex