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Encourage Your Child's growth through unforgettable Summer Camps

The Way to Go program is an impressive non-profit organization whose sole aim is to supply AN memorable summer expertise to the children. These experiences through summer camps Los Altos area unit speculated to improve a child's development in a very good way. Ever since its origination, the program structure of the organization is changed to incorporate what provides a comprehensive profit to the children. For example, Healthy youngsters were initiated within the summer of 2009 in response to the surprising knowledge concerning the fat occurring within the youngsters. The program currently attaches powerful importance on maintaining the good shape in youngsters alongside building strong minds, hearts, also as souls.

The fun-filled summer camps Los Altos area unit designed to let youngsters relish precisely the reasonably summer they want to! Way to Go program strives to style a customized expertise of summer as every child contains a totally different preference, sense of journey also as comfort level. Way to Go program offers variety of educational and recreational summer activities to youngsters so as to complement their minds and hearts. The core program of Way to Go offers its distinctive twice-a-week swim days and field visits also as a good vary of categories and activities. Youngster’s area unit offered a variety of enrichment activities on weekday, weekday and Friday mornings.

Way to Go program makes a continuing effort to expand its activity providing within the camps Los Altos supported the concepts, suggestions and feedbacks from the camp participants. For Way to Go, the positive expertise of the children matter the foremost. On weekday afternoons, special shows area unit offered on field. Wednesday’s area unit fun-filled as youngsters pay the mornings at the Library and afternoon’s area unit for swimming at Eagle Pool. Friday afternoons area unit notably gratifying as these area unit theme days and there are a unit a variety of activities to decide on from, like scrapbooking, biology art, Spanish, Jazz and Hip-Hop dance, drama, arts & crafts, gymnastics, science experiments, math games, water war, food tower, football, Origami, penmanship, and plenty more! Junket days area unit on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To grasp additional concerning the summer camps, visit