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4 Types of Utilities That Accept Online Payments

Your first apartment offers that initial taste of independence from your parents, but it also provides sticker shock as you’re suddenly responsible for a litany of expenses. While you were used to all of the conveniences of living with your family, you’re now on the hook for all of the utilities you once took for granted. This experience might inspire you to turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat more often, but even if you have enough money, you still have to remember to remit payment for your services. Here are four industries that make this chore easier by offering online utility bill payment via credit card or direct debit.


Cable Television Providers


While many people are “cutting the cord” these days, there are still plenty of customers who prefer to get television programming through a cable or satellite provider. From live sports broadcasts to premium movie channels, it’s easy to run up a significant bill based on your chosen package. While there’s little that can be done to make your selections cheaper, you can at least make it easier to pay by taking advantage of your provider’s online utility bill payment program.


Phone and Internet Service Companies


Land lines might be decreasing in popularity, but that doesn’t mean that the phone companies are hurting for money. Today’s telephone providers now deal mainly in mobile phones, which add up to more than $10 billion in annual sales as American customers opt for expensive data plans. If you’re already paying for high-speed internet access for your phone or personal computer, why not use it to make your monthly payments?


Power Utilities


Whenever you charge a phone, turn on a television or flip a light switch, your home’s electrical meter starts spinning, and you could be in for a sticker shock when the monthly bill arrives. If you’re lucky enough to have solar panels on your roof, you might be able to mitigate some of these expenses, but everybody else has to send in a check every month. If you take advantage of your power company’s online utility billing service, you’ll at least be able to save money on a stamp.


Water Departments


As the worldwide population continues to grow, supplies of potable water get tighter, which means increased costs whenever you want to take a shower or have a drink. If you live in a drought-stricken community, the local utility might put usage surcharges on top of base rates to discourage use of high-volume appliances such as sprinklers and fountains. You can cut back on your liquid consumption to save this precious natural resource, and you can conserve trees while you do it by paying your bills online.


The Smart Way to Pay


Now that you know more about online utility bill payment services, the only thing left to do is enroll in your service provider’s paperless program before your next due date. Not only is this much more convenient, you might also be able to save a few dollars as many companies offer financial incentives to encourage people to pay through the internet.