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Convert PDF to Marketing-Effective Page Turning Publications

Many business marketers are used to present their documents, catalog, brochures etc on PDF documents. PDF is portable for sharing, but do you consider that PDF is interactive and attractive enough for online presentation? There is an easy way to enhance your PDF documents: turn PDF to flipbooks.

Along with the growing users of ereaders like iPad, iPhone, iPod, smartphone and Android devices, more publishers and advertisers turn to showcase their ads, brochures or ebooks via flipping books. With the development of digital publishing technology, now people can easily use digital magazine creator to turn any PDF files to three-dimensional flipping books or magazines.

Comparing with PDF, flipbook gets a nice looking appearance with iconic page flipping effect. Maybe it is one of the reasons why flipbook becomes popular in online publishing industry. Below are some advantages of flipbooks versus PDF:
1. Easy reading experience: when reading PDF ebooks, we may lose the real feeling of reading printed books. But for flipbooks, readers can flip from one page to the next elegantly like reading realistic paper books. Except page turning effect, readers can also zoom in or zoom out ebook effortlessly.
2. Easy display: PDF ebook can only be opened with the assistance of PDF readers, and it is not browser-friendly. But for flash flipbooks, authors only need to publish it on web, blog or Facebook, and then readers of any nationality can directly enjoy the content online in web browsers.
3. Enriched content with rich media: In PDF, you are only allowed to insert hyperlinks or images. But with assistance of Kvisoft digital publishing software, users can transfer ordinary PDF files into page flipping publications with multimedia inserted, like audio, video, clipart, 3d effect, artistic ebook template, bookmarks etc. Comparing with PDF, flipbook looks more attractive with an interactive reading experience.
4. Tablet and mobile friendly: to capture more online viewers, you can never neglect the readers who are surfing via tablet and mobiles. When PDF is not web-friendly, so tablet and mobile users have to download PDF files before reading. But for flipbook of mobile version, readers can visit it via iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android powered players.

As flipbook gets an engaging style, it is helpful in keeping readers' attention. If you are still publishing digital content in PDF format, it is worthy to take a try of page flipping book. With the features of Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro, you guys can easily turn ordinary PDF into life-like page flicking e-publications in munutes.