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Apps To Help Buyers of New Homes in Middleton, DE

Purchasing new homes in Middletown, DE can be an exciting opportunity but also presents soon to be homeowners with the challenge of managing all the paperwork and documents that go along with it. The last thing on many people's mind is where they can find the owners manuals of the appliances their home will come with or who the best neighborhood landscaper is.


Fortunately, there are many apps available to make your life simpler! Here are the top three that anyone looking to buy new homes in Middletown, DE should download to their smartphone.




An award-winning app that essentially creates a personalized user manual for your home. By simply uploading photos of your appliance nameplates to the app, it will load the appropriate user manuals and a troubleshooting guide. Another bonus is that if there is ever a recall or safety warning for an appliance you own, the app will send you a notification.




After you have purchased your home, you want to make sure your lawn looks fantastic to maintain your curb appeal. Dubbed as the ‘Uber for Lawn Care’ GreenPal offers an easy to find, hire and schedule lawn mowing and basic yard maintenance for your property.




In a day and age where people tend not to socialize as much with their neighbors, NextDoor is a great app designed to help individuals get to know people living in their community and share recommendations upcoming and neighborhood events.


No matter what your needs are, there is most likely an app on the market that can help make your transition into your new home easier.  If you would like to get started in your search for a home in Middleton, DE, contact us today.