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Bee Cave Annexation Approved for 2017


The population of Bee Cave, Texas continues to grow, as more and more families are choosing a Bee Cave home for their relocation destination. Just a short commute from the luxury homes of Westlake Hills and the busy city of Austin, the community of Bee Cave offers families small town living combined with convenient access, often at a lower price point than homes in Westlake. As the population grows in this desirable suburb of Austin, there are plans for the physical size of the city to grow as well, with the Bee Cave City Council recently approving the annexation of over 800 acres for the year 2017.

First incorporated in 1987, the official city limits of Bee Cave encompassed a mere two-square miles, but as the population has grown, from 656 people in the year 2000 to over 6,000 people in 2015 - now even larger than nearby Westlake Hills - the actual size of the city has had to expand. By the 2010 United States Census, the city encompassed a 6.8-square mile area, and it has continued its growth since. Under Texas state law, Bee Cave is allowed to annex additional land annually, up to 10 percent of its current area per year.

On March 14, 2017, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the annexation of two specific parcels of land, an issue that had been on the table since 2016. While approved, the annexation process is still in progress, with public hearings and another meeting scheduled before the proposal can be finalized. The final meeting to adopt the proposal is scheduled for May 23, 2017. The parcels include an area of just over 504 acres east of Hamilton Pool Road and nearly 328 acres north and east of RR 620. The Hamilton Pool area includes a handful of subdivisions, as well as Austin Water Quality land, to be annexed for “water-quality” purposes. The RR 620-area land includes a few small businesses, apartment complexes, and land in the Balcones Canyonland Preserve. Since the total land for planned annexation falls short of the state-mandated limit, the remaining acreage will roll over to 2018 and may be added to next year’s total, as Bee Cave and the Austin, Westlake, and Lakeway corridor continue to thrive.

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