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Nepal Gives Ultimate Peak Climbing Adventure Experience to its Tourists

Do you have dreams to be a mountaineer in future? Do you want to experience the thrills involved in mountain trekking or peak climbing activities? If your answer is yes, you should definitely opt to plan for a tour to Nepal and thereby, participate in peak climbing adventure under the supervision of experienced trek companies.
Overview on Peak Climbing Activity in Nepal

Peak climbing gives a challenging yet an alpine experience to tourists in the Himalayan mountain peaks of Nepal. Here, good companies conduct activities related to peak climbing adventure to few of the famous yet beautiful mountain trekking peaks, which require only few days.
According to the latest record, Nepal is a home to about 33 trekking peaks, whose altitudes usually remain between 5500 meters to 6650 meters approximately. Thus, besides tourists and adventure lovers, climbing to these peaks would be great start for all individuals willing to build career in the mountaineering arena.
Almost every mountaineer dreaming to scale the almighty Mount Everest at 8000 meters should start with their climbing activities by climbing any of the mountain peaks located in Himalayan region of Nepal. Other than acquiring climbing skills required for reaching at the summit, individuals succeed to have great achievements by climbing individual peaks in the country.
On the other side, if you opt to visit Nepal for only experiencing peak climbing, you may come across inspiring Himalayan landscapes, explore to famous monasteries located at high altitudes, acquiring knowledge about culture and traditions prevailing in Sherpa villages and walking across the protected woodlands areas and lots more.

Trek to the Upper Mustang Valley Region

Excluding professional mountaineers, Nepal allows tourists you to trek across few of the popular mountain peaks including the Upper Mustang Trek. Major highlights of the trek are as follows-

• Trekking in the shadows of famous Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains, along with the famous river of Kali Ghandaki enrooting to the Mustang region

• Passing from various whitewashed mountain villages in combination with Buddha shrines and temples

• Journey to the fabled walled Mustang City named Lo Manthang

If this is not enough, tourists may opt for various Nepal Holidays Packages to view two distinct regions of Upper Mustang Valley i.e. northern and southern region. Here, one will find traditions, culture and languages more or less similar to the people staying in Tibet. Therefore, Nepal mountain peaks give the ultimate experience of both peak climbing and trekking to tourists.

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