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Go for Classic Ghorepani Poonhill Trekking in Nepal

Do you want to experience a classic trek in Nepal? If yes, you should definitely go for the GhorepaniPoonhill Trekking i.e. the classic trekking for all tourists. Here, the trip requires only two days, where travelers have to start their trip from Pokhara and Kathmandu.
Simple Packing

You will not only experience easy trek, but also requires simple packing, as you do not require carrying of tents, food items or sleeping bags if you have plans to eat or sleep in teahouses along your way. In this way, you may also congest your trail with various other trekkers to Nepal.
Nature Trails during the Entire Path

Paths involved during the GhorepaniPoonhill Trekking are of nature-based trails, which head from rhododendron forests with foliage and rain forests across individuals. I addition, you will find stone staircases in other parts heading in between different villages.
Exotic Trek Experience

By starting the trip from Pokhara region, individuals would experience exotic walking, which starts from the Nayapul and following a circuit reaching towards Hille region nearby Tikhedunga and later on, detouring towards Ghandruk and Poon Hill prior to returning towards Nayapul and driving towards Pokhara.
Walking Around

Other than trekking in Nepal, you will be able to walk around to follow the parts of famous Trans-Himalayan route. You will find views, as changing from farms to large numbers of terraced rice fields, gorges, waterfalls and lush forests. Individuals will find excellent mountain views during their entire journey.
Side Trip towards Poon Hill

Side trip towards the famous Poon Hill gives ultimate highlight of the entire trek journey. Here, you will find elevation of 10,230 feet and 360-degree views of nearby mountain ranges. In addition, you will be able to view Annapurna South, Annapurna Mountain I, Gangapurna and Fish Tail Mountain.
Mustang Region Trekking

Excluding Ghorepani region, you will also experience Mustang Trekking in Nepal. Mustang implies fertile plain and it is the previous Lo Kingdom but now forms a significant part of Nepal. It belongs to north and central region of Nepal and borders Tibet that belongs to Central Asia plateau in between Manang and Dolpo provinces in the country. In this way, Lo Kingdom, traditional region of Mustang and Upper Mustang valley are same and constituting northern two-third region of today’s Mustang district in Nepal and obtain well mark via official border signs of Mustang nearby northern region of Kagbeni.

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