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Mera Peak and Island Peak Climbing Details for Beginner Trekkers in Nepal

Since many years, mountain trekking and peak climbing have remained the popular activities for all visitors in Nepal. Especially, individuals love to experience adventures and beginner trekkers have opt for Island peak climbing in Nepal.
Details of Island Peak Expedition

According to experienced travelers, expedition associated with Island peak climbing acts as superb entry into Himalayan mountain region. Reason for this is that the activity requires non-technical and few basic skills related to snow climbing and skills required for achieving the ascent. You will be able to get training and lessons on such skills during the beginning stages of your mountain climb.
During the entire trip, you will be able to experience firsthand altitude and gradually, you will be able to go for expedition to other Himalayan peaks. Similar to any other trek, here also the trip begins in Kathmandu to allow enjoyment with diversity present in the ancient city prior to embarking into Lukla region comprises of alpine villages and the entrance towards Mount Everest region.
Climbing of Mera Peak in Nepal
Other than peak climbing activities over islands or snowy regions, trekkers will get the opportunity to experience Mera Peak Climbing, which belongs to the end portion of the famous Hinku valley. Journey made to the famous Mera Peak is obviously a rewarding one for trekkers. This is because; the trek allows views of frozen lakes, various hanging glaciers and several other nature-based beauties.
Another best thing about peak climbing in Mera region is that it involve only basic technical knowledge and includes application of crampons, ropes and ice axes. In addition, individuals should possess sound cardio-vascular fitness.
Travelers and other experienced trekkers do not categorize Mera Peak as a technical one. However, little bit technical knowledge would give you benefits when you have to climb a small section of about 50 meters.
Trekking to the Manaslu Region

Last, but not the least, travelers will get the opportunity to experience Manaslu Circuit Trek. This trek usually starts from Arughat and requires riding in a microbus for about 5 to 6 hours starting from the bus station of Kathmandu Dhading or the new bus park in Nepal.
With drastically improved trails across the gorge of Budi Gandaki River, the entire mountain trek has become far easier as than before. In addition, according to difficulty level, one can opt to compare Manaslu region with Annapurna mountains and Mount Everest peaks.

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