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Designer Shirts to Wear in Summer

The urban men today opt for the designer wear that gives them a cool look while casting an impression upon the others. Another reason behind manufacturing such creations is the arrival of summer, an ideal time to showcase designs in floral and soothing prints.

Casual, Formal, Occasional Wear for People

However, different designers style clothes differently and they cater to the varying taste of the diverse customer base. The designer wear is available in diverse categories comprising of the casuals, formal and occasional types to suit the moment. The range is displayed as signature collection, heritage line and those meant for the festivals.

Following the Highest Precision

Especially the signature collection is considered for the timeless essentials that have been woven out of the finest fabric. While manufacturing these, the designers follow the highest order of precision in terms of the production standards and contemporary style. They offer a signature range which is uncompromising in design, workmanship and quality in details.

Heritage Collection from Ancient Varanasi

However, when it is about the heritage collection, the designer shirts are given special attention. These heritage collection shirts have another story to tell while one reminds us of the ancient Varanasi and the other telling tales from different parts of the country.

The best thing about the designers is that everybody likes to own at least one of them. The heritage collection is actually a prized possession with all the camel art on linen, triangle prints, kantha work, Pabuji retro print, the playful Thangka and gold string. The jacquard loom at their place weaves the finest fabrics to remind you of the classic Indian heritage.

Follow the Size Guide and Select Fit

Each of them are offered in the selected fit of regular and casual with the sizes ranging from small, medium to large and extra large. Just follow the size guide for yourself and add your favourite choices to the shopping bag. Prices are no problem for you may find availability in all prices and can pick up anything to suit your budget. If not buying everything right away, keep it to your wish list and purchase it later just when you need it.

Fine Interlining and Great Density

What keeps them in demand is the pattern matching in checks and stripes and the best-in-class interlining in the cuffs and collars. The German manufactured fusing in the interlining has been given for carrying stiffness and weight. A shirt has 16 to 20 stitches per inch to carry such density that goes beyond the ordinary to provide you an elegant piece of clothing.

Fine Stitching and Curl-Free Collars

The quality designers provide a single needle stitching at the seams, which incorporates much labour to give you a neater appearance. The collar points are kept sharp and curl-free to have the sophistication intact and have rather become slimmer with the coming generation. The manufacturers use best cotton in the world, the Egyptian Giza Cotton that utilizes the superfine yarns.