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A Memorial Monument Is Meant To Stand The Tests Of Time

They say, “Life goes on!” Alas! If only that was true! No matter how much we want life to go on, it hardly ever complies with our wishes; with our hopes and prayers. The biggest truth of life is actually death. Once a person is born, it also becomes certain that he will one day have to die. Yet, how amazing it is that we manage to overlook this grim truth and happily go about our lives. Perhaps this conscious forgetfulness is bliss. It is this forgetfulness that helps us to stay sane and enjoy our lives. It is this forgetfulness that helps us to set goals, fulfill them, fall in love and have family. However, the silent footsteps of death are never far behind and no matter how much we try to ignore it, it always sneaks up around the corner. There is always the constant reminder at the back of our minds that at any given moment death can come knocking at our doors and there is hardly anything that we can do to stop it from crossing the threshold.

Yes, the mere notion of having our loved ones ripped away from us is scary. It is absolutely soul shattering to have a beloved person taken away from us. We all dread it; but, as we are all destined to bear that pain, we have somehow come to accept this absolute finality. It must be mentioned here that the thought of forgetting and moving on is easier said than done. Either it is too painful to consciously try to forget somebody you loved and lost; or sometimes you are just against the idea of forgetting that person. More often than not, it is the latter. We put all our conscious and sincere effort in remembering the person that we have lost and trying our best to cherish the memories of the beautiful moments that we have spent with him or her. It is because of this reason that memorial monuments are built. These are not just the symbols of our respect for the deceased. Each monument is also the bearer of the memories of that person and that is why are made to stand the tests of time.

Now, if the technicalities are considered, the memorial and monuments cannot be referred to as synonymous. These have certain similarities, though, and are thus used to refer to the same object very frequently. The word ‘monument’ first appeared in the thirteenth century and had been derived from the Latin word ‘monumentum’. This Latin word originally denoted a place or structure that was built to preserve the memories of a person. It was used to refer to an area which essentially ‘reminded’ of someone. Over the years, this word acquired a broader meaning and now, covers a lot of other buildings and structures. That is why the words ‘memorial monuments’ are used to denote the things which are constructed in the memory of someone. As said earlier these structures are made to stand the tests of time and that is why, materials like granite, marble and bronze are generally used to construct them.

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