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Trademarks, patents, Copyright and Your Business

If you are in the business of generating new ideas or simply want to develop an original trademark, you need a legal partnership to make sure your business is protected. With widespread access to information all over the world, certain issues have become more complicated in the digital age. You can work for weeks to develop perfect trademark only to realize that someone else has a similar trademark or slogan. It is not uncommon for cutting-edge ideas to be used by others, and intellectual property is an important issue for your company. Use the services of legal experts such as Gearhart Law for information about guarding trademarks, patents and copyright.


Most of us have favorite brands that we associate with a stunning visual or a catchy slogan. Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It,” is a simple three-word motto that has an impact around the world and gives millions of people instant association with Nike’s symbol and products. However, if you come up with the slogan and a trademark that feels enticingly simple, it is important to make sure that it hasn’t been used by someone else. Lawsuits can devastate a company and stop your business in its tracks. Companies should invest significant resources to prevent such problems from arising. In addition, your own slogan and trademark should be protected from use by unauthorized parties. can help you get your trademark registered and give you assistance in research needed to create an impressive trademark.


When you have an idea for a new product, it is important to have it patented so it is fully protected. There are several steps in the process of patenting. First of all, you should do research of databases to ensure that the idea for the product is unique. Second, your company should submit a patent application that includes all earlier submissions and plans to execute the idea. It may require a certain amount of time before the patent is fully approved, but Gearhart law can advise you on ways to protect your idea during the patent process. Not all filed applications receive patent protection, and that is why you need legal assistance to help enforce the rights of your idea.


Artists and musicians depend on copyright protection to make a livelihood from their creative pursuits. A copyright prevents using material without permission from the holder of the copyright. The regulations for copyright might seem straightforward because they require simply registering the copyright. However, in practice, copyright disputes can be challenging, particularly if the copyright has been transferred from one party to the other. Legal issues may arise over the use of copyrighted material, even if permission has been given. Cases often hinge on details regarding the fair use of copyrights, when permission has been granted and when the user has overstepped his or her bounds. Legal experts at Gearhart Law can give you sound advice on your copyrights and make sure that they are being used according to the agreement.


Many businesses are involved in innovation and development of original material, even if it is a slogan. At some point or another, your company may have to deal with trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Make sure that you have the right legal advice to deal with these issues effectively.