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The 9 steps of its maintenance

The 10 steps of its maintenance: 1-: separation from watchcase watchband. Open the case breitling replica situation, remove the movement. Then completely dismantling case. 2- cleaning movement: each component core is broken down, each component will be in a special configuration of the solvent for ultrasonic cleaning. 3- replacement components: Rolex tabs closely examine the movement of each component, and determine which parts need to be replaced. By the Swiss based Rolex headquarters directly to provide the original Use of equipment. 4- lubrication and re assembly movement: the use of the most advanced lubricating oil, the movement of each functional components carefully lubricated to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear. This ensures that the work Rolex watch movement will continue to maintain accurate. 5- time calibration: Rolex watch movement is the heart of swiss replica watches the wheel, which has a frequency of more than 690000 times a day. In order to ensure timing accuracy, watchmakers carefully adjusted by electronic balance wheel and its timing accuracy test. Your Rolex through a few days thorough testing and careful observation, To verify its performance. 6-: renovated renovated case and bracelet Rolex with the same high attention to details, dedicated to the movement and the case, watchband service. Preliminary cleaning your watch, watchband case and check , any worn or damaged parts are replaced by Rolex genuine parts. Then skilled polishing and ultrasonic cleaning case and bracelet, restore luster. 7- re assembly: re assembly case The case carefully re assembly and replace the seal, to ensure waterproof. 8- waterproof test: case must undergo a rigorous testing, to ensure that it meets the requirements of pressure. Three step process: vacuum test, pressure test, and condensation test. The case will find that even the smallest amount of water inside. 9- final quality control: in the maintenance process of each stage to carry out strict quality inspection. In the final inspection, the verification of the power reserve, timing accuracy, shape Beautiful, the last time on your watch specification checks to ensure that the quality standards as high as possible. 10-2 years of service support: after the full service, your Rolex has made a two-year service guarantee. This warranty does not include any human damage or malicious An accident or improper operation of replica watch a watch. Non Rolex authorized third party, the addition of non Rolex manufactured parts or accessories of any involvement will lead to the failure of service protection.