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Dubai ranked as the top trading hub:Pursue a business with a local sponsor in Dubai through CREATIVE

The UAE remains one of the world’s top trading economies, ranking 20th globally and first in the Middle East and Africa in commodity exports. It is also placed 19th internationally in commodity imports and led the MENA region in overall commodity trade. So if you are aspiring to become an entrepreneur, Dubai might be the ideal location to launch your business. Known as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East, the UAE and more precisely Dubai, has gained this reputation because of its economic and political stability and diversity. However, it is to be noted that to commence business activities in the city, investors must first secure the help of a local sponsor in Dubai.


A local sponsor in Dubai serves as your local partner or a local service agent for your new company. If your company is a Limited Liability Company or LLC, the local partner must hold the majority equity share holding of 51% or more. At CREATIVE ZONE we can help you find a reliable local sponsor in Dubai for your business venture.


Some of the many benefits of partnering with a local sponsor in Dubai through CREATIVE ZONE include:


•Flexibility to do business 

•Preferred office space anywhere in mainland Dubai

•Fewer restrictions

•More options on business activities


In addition to finding a local sponsor in Dubai, consultants at CREATIVE ZONE can also help with the following services-


•Commercial agreements

•Networking events

•Support and connection to business funding groups

•Effective dispute avoidance

•Compliance with UAE laws





We at CREATIVE ZONE differ as we can now offer that local partner service as a 'corporate nominee partner or entity' rather than an individual UAE national. Therefore the shareholding of the 51% falls under this new entity CREATIVE ZONE General Trading LLC, rather than a local individual.


The main benefits of local partner being a company and not an individual are firstly you are taking out the emotional relationship of dealing with an individual, from both sides of the relationship. So as a corporate nominee partner the foreign company is complying with UAE Companies Law and you deal with a corporate entity with a structured board and a power of attorney over this company, rather than a local individual.


So from a corporate governance perspective, for transparency and so forth, this adds a number of benefits to the foreign party, not least of which is succession planning. Companies often worried about coming into the market and selecting a local partner and then wondering what would happen if the local partner were to die or change his mind. With a corporate entity, the contractual terms remain in place, so it gives more rigidity to the arrangement than having an individual national being the local partner.


“It was indeed a great blessing to have such caring and professional support with my new business.


Thank you (CREATIVE ZONE Business Setup Advisor) for being a great and patient advisor. Rest assured I will be recommending you to my colleagues and friends. I should not forget Charisse Bholani (Sales Coordinator) too! Both of you have demonstrated dedication, passion and trustworthiness.


Mariben Eustaquio (Senior Operations & Client Relations Manager), I am looking forward to having you part of the team as my Account Manager, as I move smoothly through the process of my company setup. Your warm, personalized, and professional assistance is truly a rare gem to find. I am very happy with how things are moving forward. I would like to thank CREATIVE ZONE for giving me such a great team. How comforting to feel that I am indeed in very good hands.”


Armand Zarris Manapat


AZM Creative Revolution – CEO


So if you’re looking to set up a business in mainland Dubai, partner with CREATIVE ZONE for a reliable local sponsor in Dubai. We promise to guide you every step of the way to support your business.