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Kite Surfing Courses: Come To Zanzibar And Learn And Enjoy Real Time Training In A Real Environment

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is becoming one of the most popular and high adrenaline version of surfing water sports in the world and most of the windsurfers and water sports aficionados are turning towards this thrilling and full of excitement sport and want to feel the power of wind and kite to their fullest. But before you get all elevated with joy and start planning your next vacation it is mandatory to learn and undergo some basic kite surfing courses by the qualified and experienced instructors so that you can cherish this sport as a beautiful memory for your whole life.

Zanzibar kitesurfing fully qualified IKO (International Kiteboard Organization) instructor with thousands of hour’s experience and after imparting kite surfing courses all over the worldincluding Philippines, UK, Greece, Turkey, Caribbean, Egypt and Dubai,they started Uhuru Kite Zanzibar to offer kite surfers the safest, quickest and one of the cheapest ways of learning this amazing sport.

Kite surfing courses can be divided into four categories, Introductory course, Group course, Private courses, and Independent Full course.  Two hours Introductory course teach basic kite skills and flying techniques on the beach with a small kite, Group course if for minimum 2 and maximum 4 people and is spread over 3 days and 3 hours every day and discounts are also offered.

Private course allow kite surfers to fly high in the sky with their personal kite and it’s a one on one with an instructor kite surfing tutorial, and Independent Full course is a 6 hours or 3 days course to equipped the kite surfer with all the necessary techniques and skills to become an 'independent kite surfer' and practice yourself. By the end of this course expect to have enjoyed surfing across the flat warm water with the wind in your hair!

The risky nature of this water sports cannot be overlooked and these kite surfing courses helps surfers to remain safe, control the kite in relation to the wind, avoid hurting bystanders and other people on the beach, knowing right body movements, kite surfing equipments and positioning, control on the board, tricks to avoid falling, perfect weather conditions, and much more.

Uhuru kite which is Located in the small fishing village of Jambiani on the south east coast of Zanzibar is one of only 2 kitesurfing schools currently open, that give options to kite surfers to getlessons and riding in the lagoons or further afield on the waves. Whichever place you choose to enjoy your session it will be undisturbed.

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