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Astrologer in Kolkata suggest fruitful remedies

Human beings are always aggrieved on their failures or unsuccessful attempts. Many people believe in fate while many do not but the fact is everybody wishes for a bedecked future. It is very uncertain as to what lies ahead. Each and person is encircled within the stress and hassles of life. The peace of mind has disappeared somewhere in the oblivion. The general tendency is that we start condemning selves for the misfortunes without even realizing the actual reason for it. Although you are putting in best efforts from your sides, there may be some obstacles which are obstructing the path of success. What could this be? Have you ever thought about it? What about the planets, the Sun or the Moon which do have a positive or negative influence one one’s life? Now, there you are. You certainly cannot ignore their impact at any point of time. According to astrological sciences, they start governing the life as soon as an individual is born.


The science and technology has become steadfastly advanced with the passage of time. The scientists have invented ultra modern devices which can predict the occurrences of natural disasters such as tsunami.  But these too fail to give advance warnings most of the times. On the other hand, astrology in Kolkata can be regarded as an exception to it. It has given correct predictions whether it is related to an individual or any natural disaster. The origin of astrology dates back to the ancient cradle of civilization. It is believed that it took birth in the nineteenth century BC in Babylonia. The Indian astrology or the Jyotish Shastra was developed by the great sage Parasara somewhere around twelfth century BC.


The astrologer in Kolkata opines that the Vedic astrology can be classified into three categories. These are Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora. The Siddhanta is concerned with the study of mathematics; arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, astronomy and geometry. It helps in the calculations of planetary positions and other heavenly bodies. The Samhita is the study of the position of the sun and its effect on the natural calamities such as storm, hurricane and war. Moreover the general perception is that if the sun is placed in the right position, the person can achieve high success rate and has a good academic background. As far as Hora is concerned it is the predictive astrology which has several sub divisions.


The astrology has satisfied of persons. The media has also played a vital role in popularizing it through the common masses. Nowadays new software has been devised to help in accurate prediction of the individual’s character and his future prospective.  The astrologer will suggest fruitful remedies to all the personal and health problems. The suggestions can be wearing of specific gemstones or any special worship of a particular God. He advises the gemstones after completely analyzing the problem and also according to the zodiac sign of the person. He might also ask to perform certain acts on specific days. This will help to sort out the problem.