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What to Do When Pulled Over at a DUI Checkpoint?

Being pulled over at a DUI stop can make you nervous and stressed about any undesirable consequences. It often occurs that on being stopped by the police at the DUI checkpoint, people fail to act by their common sense. Out of nervousness they often do or say things which give the law enforcement officials more reasons to question them. However, if you know what are your rights, how things work and what are the dos and don’ts, you can prevent yourself from getting into trouble. Although there is no set protocol for what you should do and what shouldn’t, having a general idea of how to handle things can save your day.

Field Sobriety Test

Usually field sobriety tests, like nine step walk and turn, one leg stand etc., are not much beneficial because generally it’s the young and athletic people who successfully perform such field evaluations. However, agreeing to take the tests may help your case and refusing may suggest that you are guilty which, in turn, raises the suspicion of police officers.

Breathalyzer Test

Results of breathalyzer are not admissible as a numerical record in the court. It’s only used to report a positive or negative reading for alcohol. Even if you have confessed about drinking alcohol, the police may let you go if you blow under the legal limit during the breath test.


Blood/ Urine/ Breath Test

Sometimes, whether you should take the state administered tests or not depends on the situation. If you want to fight off your case in the court, it’s better not to take any test, provided you have actually consumed a high quantity of drugs or alcohol. For individuals under the age of 21 years or those facing DUI charges for the second or third time in five years, taking a test may not help at all. If it’s your first DUI charge and you prefer a DUI conviction than losing your license, taking a test is the best option.

Eye Test

Always avoid eye test, also known as HGN test, as it rarely helps.


Make Polite and Careful Statements

Make statements only when it’s absolutely necessary. You might be getting filmed or recorded during the procedure. Avoid making lame excuses or telling life stories. If you feel that there isn’t any escape and a trial would be the next step, start preparing yourself for it. Prepare for the worst but also start chalking out the way through which you can save yourself.

Ask Questions

If you don’t have a slurred speech, never hesitate asking questions. Ask what are the consequences if you don’t take the test, what’s the outcome if you blow under the legal limit or ask if you should take an independent blood or urine test. In many cases the accused can win if he can prove that the police violated his rights through incorrect procedure.

Contact DUI Attorney

Legal system is often much more complicated than you assume. So, it’s best to contact a good DUI attorney as soon as possible to avoid any wrong move or further trouble. An attorney can help you to get your charges lowered or dismissed within a short span of time.

Hiring a DUI attorney in Colorado is surely a great idea when stuck with DUI charges, but it’s also important to analyze the attorney’s background and experience before you trust him with your case. Legal fee is also an important factor that you must consider. A good lawyer can work out the best possible way for you to minimize the impact of legal hassles on your present as well future.