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Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse

The Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse offers you the potential to accomplish jobs without a second individual and includes a trademarked foot pedal that applies up to 2, 1 tontwo hundred lbs. of force. The Jaws may be unfolded to 37-inches extensive. Plus a compact folding layout for clean storage.


1-tonclamping pressure provided with the aid of the jaws, which is foot-pedal operated, leaves each of your hands unfastened to handle all of the fabric you're putting, and the lock-launch lets in you to fasten the material in the area, and without problems release the lock. The vice jaws amplify to a complete 37-inches- enough to clamp even the largest substances including a general size 36-inch door.


Tripod base gives superb all-terrain stability; the front legs comprise holes to let you fasten to a ground for the extra permanent jobs. The Rockwell Jawhorse speedy folds down (no gear wished) to a totally transportable forty-three kilos, and include a wheel for even less difficult portability.


Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse evaluate


If you have a huge or small process to do this requires a 2d set of hands, you may turn to the Rockwell Jawhorse transportable PC clamping machine. Whether you’re sheetrocking, setting fence posts, or building an out of doors playhouse to your children, this particular palms-loose transportable workstation will help you get the activity finished.


Smart, practical layout Makes Jobs-less difficult

Whether or not you’re an occasional diy, do-it-yourselfer or an expert contractor, the Jawhorse will clamp truly anything you could imagine. The Jawhorse gives extreme clamping energy and helps you to accomplish responsibilities that normally require people.


The very robust, and flexible Jawhorse can replace your workbenches, sawhorses, clamps, bench vises, and lots more. You could use it to maintain work materials in the area as you tackle jobs like setting fence posts, placing doorways, installing crown moldings, and putting new sheetrock overhead. Even abnormal-fashioned gadgets like engine blocks can healthy smartly inside the Jawhorse’s grip.


Apply up to two, two hundred kilos of pressure–palms unfastened

The long lasting Rockwell Jawhorse capabilities a trademarked arms-loose foot pedal that lets you follow up to at least one metric ton (2,2 hundred kilos) of force so that you don’t should fear approximately substances slipping whilst you figure. And the jaws can be unfolded to 37-inches extensive, that is enough to keep most doorways securely in the region. This offers you most flexibility on the task.


The Jawhorse also removes the want for man or woman noticed stands and complex vices. a selection of different saws may be locked into the robust jaws in this station, permitting you to make specific cuts fast and effectively–no awkward balancing of massive forums or one passed saw operation required. Patented rubber pads help keep you from denting or scratching wood the manner you might the use of the conventional vice clamps, making the Jawhorse ideal for finish work.


Durable, reliable, and easy to move or store


The Rockwell Jawhorse features strong all metallic construction along with an extra-wide stance, offering great electricity, and balance in a wide style of conditions. There are no moving plastic parts to interrupt. And with a completely unique, 3-legged layout, the Jawhorse is less difficult to stability on uneven terrain than traditional four-legged sawhorses, and mobile workbenches.


The Jawhorse is distinctly easy to use. You just set it up, lock it in the region, and clamp your undertaking materials or equipment down. This brief and easy setup make the Jawhorse best for use on far off worksites, and for folks who don’t have the distance of their busy domestic or condominium for an everlasting workbench.


Whilst no longer in use, the notebook folds down to a compact 29×14x13 inches for smooth transport or storage in a small closet. And weighing in at simply 43 kilos, it is simple to boost in and out of work rigs.


Whilst opened up, and included roller makes it distinctly clean to move across the workshop or the job site. There are holes in two of the 3 toes so you can pick to bolt the Jawhorse down for frequent use for your workshop or on huge process websites that require more permanence.


Available add-ons provide even greater Versatility


The versatile add-ons (sold one at a time) permit you to personalize the Jawhorse to higher meet your man or woman wishes. You could use the Welding jaw to installation a complete welding station. The Chainsaw jaw makes it very smooth to lock saws in the vicinity for sharpening, and Saddlebags let you maintain all your tools neatly prepared and inside hands attain. you may also use the Plywood jaw to evolve the Jawhorse for huge sheet goods up to fifty two inches wide, or set up the Jawhorse as a dependable Miter noticed Station or a more everlasting work table.


What’s inside the container?


Rockwell Jawhorse transportable computer clamping gadget. consists of the expert noticed Horse With Clamp, effective Foot Operated Clamping pressure Applies As an awful lot Or As Little Clamping strain As Required, Tripod Base For All Terrain balance, Lock launch permits fast release Of Jaw, quick Folds Down For garage, Rear Leg Acts As delivering cope with, the front Has delivery Wheels For smooth shipping, 37-inch most clamping variety, six hundred lb. maximum load, 39-by-39-by using-34-inch status length, 29-by-14-via-thirteen-inch folded length.


Built tough, and does the job thoroughly


This object is one of the only a few gear that does extra than is alleged for it. I’ve several of the attachments for it consisting of the plywood jaw, and for the beyond two years I have used the Jawhorse usually. The object is extensively built and plays perfectly. Try it, you'll love it!

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