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Simple Guideline to Create Efficient 3D Animation

Creating an animation video from scratch is not a matter of joke. A person needs to have thorough knowledge and practical experience to make an animation successfully. Years of regular practice makes a person suitable to create something like that. One can find innovative animators who are successfully creating compelling 3D animation in Perth.


To create a standard animation video one needs to follow few steps sequentially. The steps include pre-production, production and post-production as any other video productions.



A strong preparation is most essential before beginning the production process. Therefore primary step is to finalizing the story of the animation and then creating the story board, layouts, sheets for the models and animatic.

  • Storyboard: 
    Storyboard is pretty essential for any animation. It is like shots described through drawings and moving on with the storyline. It helps to visualize the whole idea and the original planning beforehand.
  • Layouts: 
    In this stage, director creates layouts. They plan and design the costumes and the locations. Then they visualize the scenes with the positions of the characters.
  • Model Sheet: 
    Then the models are created on sheets. All the characters are drawn along with the details and features. Face detailing is also done on the sheets. Modeling departments are responsible for creating the final model through blueprints.
  • Animatic: 
    VFX studio then creates mock-ups which is called animatic and it is done after the storyboarding process.


Production process is the most important part which include layouts, texturing, modelling, lighting and the final part animation. Production tasks are pretty much complex and people need to be friendly with the software to complete the job.

  • Layout: 
    In layout they produce a 3D version of the pre-production layouts. Director approves the props, costumes, characters, camera moves, compositions and much more.
  • Modelling, Texturing & Rigging: 
    Modelers are responsible of creating 3D models and the rigging part. Texture artists do texturing from the scratch as per the requirements of the scenes.


Post-production is all about compositing, video editing and sound editing. This stage creates the final production and a successful project.


Good video and sound editing is very much important in animation for the right feel of the whole video. Composition is also an important part. Post-production takes as much time as the production process, sometimes more.


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