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Law of attraction with numbers to carve a path to wealthy lifestyle

“Mathematics is the language with whose help, God wrote the universe.”

When numbers talk, the effect can be clearly seen. For thousands of years, people have been taking the help of numerology to solve most of their problems. One of the most common problems, as well as an important aspect of every person's life, is money. Even if you are a person with more than enough wealth, the desire to have a greater wealthy lifestyle can also revolve in your mind.

No doubt people rush towards various methods to attain spiritual wealth and find inner peace. But when your pocket is nearly empty, you would focus to find ways to increase your wealth potential.

One of the best ways is to take help of numerologists or specialists of law of attraction. These number experts analyse your wealth on various levels and suggest you ways to attain money. If you are quizzical about the combination of numerology to acquire a continuous amount of wealth, these information can help you get your answers.

Workings of numerology

You would be amazed to know that each letter of your name has individual numeric values which have certain vibrations. Your birthdate and name impart certain character tendencies and aptitudes which can determine the direction of your life. With the help of these energies from digits, you can determine how to generate money, control your finances and finally manage your wealth.

If you want to have such a lifestyle, the foremost thing is to have a deeper insight of the energy of every individual digit. The better understanding and connection you have with these numbers, the more they will help you to unlock wealth resources.

Calculations for a wealthy lifestyle

The calculation is extremely simple. In order to find out your destiny number, you need to write down your birth date in numerical form and add all the numbers. Continue to add until a single number is left.

For example, a person is born on August 21, 1992 or 21-8-1992. The calculation will be,

2 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 32

3 + 2 = 5

The wealth potential of this person is 5.

Similarly, you can calculate the alphabets of your name too.

Association of numbers with law of attraction

Regarding this theory, numbers are generally associated with the quantity of money. This theory doesn’t just mean gaining money. It is a universal force responding to your energetic signal thereby attracting the flow of wealth. And one of the main sources to acquire this power is with the help of meditation.

The indication of law of attraction via meditation to obtain wealth in a continuous flow, works in few steps.

• When you meditate, your mind acts like a magnet to attract other thoughts which have close similarity.

• With every peaceful thought, you trigger a positive feeling.

• Those feelings send a signal to the universe.

• On experiencing those, the universe returns experience in the form of positive frequencies.

• These frequencies trigger more positive thoughts.

When this cycle continues, your approach becomes more optimistic, and you see more financial opportunities to gain wealth.

There are few renowned websites which can help you and your numbers to influence a wealthy lifestyle. Remember, your name is no accident. Numerology is similar to a roll of the dice. You may never know how your numbers can turn your fate into a fortune!