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Golden Rules to Create Compelling 3D Animation

Let it be a cartoon for kids, television commercial or explanation of a technical matter, there is nothing better than a 3D animation. However, creating an efficient animation isn’t something like designing good cartoon characters - you need the proper imagination and the skill to convert the imagination exactly into a 3D animation. Knowing some 3D software isn’t going to help you. Here are some basic tips to help you create a compelling animation that your client would love on the first chance.


Listen to Client

While most of the 3D animation services located in Perth struggle to get creative idea, listening to the client is enough to get the basic story. May be the client can’t explain it in a dramatic and ready-to-implement way; but their imagination gives you the perfect draft of the work. Just follow that, modify that, and improve that.


Do Brainstorm

Animation creation isn’t something like writing the codes of a website. It demands time, creative thought and research. Create an outline of the sequence and select a set of characters or objects that you are going to use in the animation. Implement those in a draft animation and forget about it. After an hour or two check it and try to diagnose how to improve it. And the best way to improve any creative work is finding the missing links, blocks and flow-errors. You should also focus on improving the 3D view of the animation to make it attractive. However, if it isn’t enough loud to explain the thought properly, it is a waste work.


Ask for Suggestions

Asking someone else doesn’t mean you have lack of knowledge. Let others criticize your work so that you can find the flaws. Often when we revise our art work, we fill the gaps unconsciously with our thoughts and thus we miss the points. But, when we involve others, they don’t know what you had thought; they watch the animation only. This is why mostly others gives ‘so so’ mark to an animation which you think is an excellent work.


Do Research

Research helps to get new ideas. Don’t copy other’s thought - notice how creatively they have presented a story with how fine details. Try to keep these points in mind while you create your next animation in 3D animation services located in Perth. You can also learn new technologies and software to improve your skill and participate in online competitions as well.


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