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Learn About Property Management in Delhi

Land and unattended houses in many parts of India continue to remain susceptible to encroachment. While land is an easier target for encroachment because it is usually bought for investment purpose and left unattended for long periods of time, houses too, especially of old people with no primary support or of NRIs tend to become soft targets.

Property Management offers peace of mind to all its valued clients & pride itself on meeting client's needs. Client wonders how Property Management in Delhi is able to manage their property without them, in spite of knowing the criticality of the work to be done. They leverage their knowledge, experience and resources to ensure client satisfaction in a way that no one else can. They work with clients, listen to and adapt to their needs rather than focusing on only pre-established framework.

Their boutique of services includes Property Marketing & Lettings, Possession Takeover Assistance, Interiors & Repairs, Keys Management, Rent Collection & Deposit, Professional Cleaning and Dispute Resolution. These are the services which every HNI, NRI, Investor and Owner ought to have. But a lack of professionalism showed by companies pull back their (investor and owner) hands to hire. Quick and prompt response to all queries:

  • 24*7 assistance
  • Lease assistance and preparation of all legal leasing documents
  • Tenant Screening
  • Preparation of all rentals forms & rent collection from tenant and deposit in owner's account.
  • Payment of bills, society maintenance and local body bills.
  • Assisting tenants to resolve queries
  • Arrangement of professional cleaning, repairs and painting upon vacancy.
  • Monthly report of vacant property.
  • Monthly update of market dynamics.
  • Interior designing to replicate your dream home.
  • Management of keys in your absence.
  • Detailed financial report of asset performance
  • Tax Assistance

There is a relation between rental property, profitability and retention of tenants. They minimize tenant turnover by maintaining strong landlord-tenant relationships and providing complete assistance to tenants. They ensure that if the lease expires or tenant leaves due to eviction then the property is not remained vacant for long intervals because there will be loss of revenue. Upon serving vacating notice period by tenant, they start rigorous property marketing campaigns. On finding prospective tenant, they obtain detailed credit history for tenant screening. This activity will land up genuine tenants.

They prepare detailed list of all the expense and revenue generated in a year. After deducting monthly expense from revenue generated, they submit the leftover rental directly to client's bank account. At the end of year, they prepare financial report of performance of asset which gives details of expense and revenue generated by property. This report will help in understanding what steps you can take to decrease expense and increase revenue.

They deal with various types of properties on Property Management Services such as; independent bungalows, independent builder floors, professionally managed condominiums, villas & penthouses in developer projects, farm houses, cooperative housing societies.