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Is Your Yahoo Email Account Hacked!! Easiest Way to Recover Compromised Yahoo Account

Yahoo account hacking is not a new story anymore as it’s been occurring every now and then without alerting a user as cybercriminals perform hacking activities in a very tactical manner. The main reason that is diagnosed behind sudden compromise of email account is negligence of the users. It’s not a myth but a reality that Yahoo users actually face when they are unable to access their email account that has been compromised by unknown people.

The threat of data security is always there in the mind of users upon compromise of email account but who knows Yahoo account compromise can completely ruin them financially as well. It is because users generally have the tendency to forget their bank net secure login details and to recover the same, those bank details are generally stored in drafts of an email account. The hackers generally have these kinds of motives behind stealing the access of email account from the authorised users.

Many users generally are not aware of their Yahoo account getting hacked and they keep on performing normal activities accessing their email. Really surprised with this statement!! You are supposed to be. Some people who hack Yahoo email account are that much shrewd or cunning that they look to fetch more details that cannot be seen in the email accounts as well and users are completely aware of the same. Within this prospect in mind, they do not change the entire login details and allow users to access their Yahoo account till their objective is accomplished. Once hackers get enough information that is relevant to them, they make changes in the account settings and prohibit users from accessing Yahoo email account.

Reasons behind Sudden Hacking of Yahoo Account

There are certain reasons behind sudden compromise of Yahoo account password as cybercriminals take chance when they identify loopholes or email account security breach at user’s end. They grab the chance to compromise ymail account. Here are the reasons behind Yahoo account compromise on a sudden basis.

  • Yahoo account accessed at internet café located at public place
  • Accessed Yahoo account on Smartphone using unsecured Wi-Fi connection
  • Smartphone device misplaced in which yahoo account login credentials are saved
  • Similar password used by internet users for all their email account
  • Yahoo account accessed in Smartphone device of unknown person
  • Yahoo account provided to subscribe newsletters from service providers

Signs of Hacked Yahoo Email Account

There is a possibility to prevent email compromise if users show some cunningness to notice the signs in their mail account, which give resemblance towards its unauthorized usage by cyber criminals. These indications can prove to be quite fruitful and help users take necessary actions to prevent their account from getting compromised completely.

Listed below are some signs or indications that can help users to the huge extent to prevent hacking of their personal or official ymail account:

  • Cannot receive or send mails any longer
  • Spam messages have been sent to the friends and known ones added in contact list
  • Inbox full of undelivered messages
  • Email account voluntarily subscribed with pornographic as well as other unsolicited websites
  • Important mails stored in specific folders are deleted or vanished
  • The messages in trash folders have been removed or restored back to Inbox folder
  • Account settings modified and theme, as well as colour of Yahoo account dashboard, is changed.
  • Successful login attempts from an unknown location.
  • Chat application accessed to interact with unknown people and images sent to them.

These signs; when users can identify while accessing the Yahoo mail account, can help them secure the same from getting hacked before time and opportunity slips away from their hand.

Actions to be taken when Yahoo Account is Hacked

  • Change Yahoo password if the email account is accessible. Remember it should be secure
  • Modify Yahoo account settings at the earliest
  • Reset security questions and answers set at the time of email account registration
  • Enable two-step verification to prevent Yahoo account from getting hacked again
  • Change the password of alternate email address that will further help in Yahoo mail password recovery.
  • Provide a new recovery phone number

There is a problem with some of the users as they have the lack of knowledge to implement the above-mentioned actions that help in secure their Yahoo account from getting hacked permanently. For them, Yahoo supports phone number is available dialing which users can interact with helpdesk or technical support team who are qualified and expertise in dealing with such kind of problems as well as proficient in securing hacked Yahoo email account.

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