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A Guide to Wearing a T Shirt

When it comes to styles and t-shirts, the opinion falls in two different camps. There are
 men who consider the tee to be a wardrobe staple that is good for almost all occasions
 and can be worn anytime. There are also the traditionalists who feel that tees are quite
 juvenile and also sloppy-looking and should only be worn in beaches and gyms.  Here
 are a few facts that can help you wear tees in the right manner.

Understand the dress code

If the situation is formal, tees are out of the questions. Instead, they are a great option
 for wearing during hangouts and activities that are laid back or loosely organized. Tees
 are usually made for sports, labor or simply getting things done. The more you will be 
moving as well as sweating, the more appropriate for you to wear the t –shirt.

Consider your age

T-shirts are a good choice for young men rather than those who are past their post-college

Your build

No matter your clothes of choice, a better physique will make them look better. However
this is usually the case with tees. If you happen to be thin or overweight, tees will end up
 clinging or even emphasizing your belly even as they drape over the skinny frame. The 
contrast between the skin and the sleeves will draw attention to the bony or pudgy arms
Therefore, if you are thin or overweight, you will look better in the dress shirts as well as
 sports jacket.

Wearing the papa bear shirt

Papa bear shirts are a great choice for wearing during baby showers. They make a great
 choice of gift for Mother’s or Father’s day. They are also perfect for a family portrait. 
If you are the family that loves to play the Papa Bear, Mama Bear and the bear cubs,
 these are the right t-shirts for doing that.