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Top 3 benefits of creating explainer videos in Australia

When you are trying to make your business or your brand reach the top, you must be surely using various methods to promote it such as by creating a responsive website, a social media page and advertising about it through various Medias. These ways are undoubtedly helpful when it comes to promoting your brand/company and making it a prominent one among your target audiences. But, there’s another new way in which you can promote your brand/company, and that is by creating videos that will explain your company’s goals, showcase your products and etc.


Thinking how will you create such a video? Don’t worry; there are numerous companies in Australia that are quite good at Video marketing and can no doubt help you create explainer videos Melbourne in order to deliver entertaining, as well as informative content to the customers or your targeted audiences. If you are worried about finding such a company then please don’t, as finding such a company isn’t tough. Either get referrals from close ones or research on the internet.


If you are thinking that hiring an explainer video company to create a catchy video is nothing but wastage of money, then think again. Below are some benefits of creating such a visually appealing video for your business. Take a look.


  • Helps draw People’s attention: In today’s era, people are so busy that people hardly get time to go through a huge chunk of information given on a website. Whereas an explainer or marketing video will definitely draw public’s attention, as well as explain about your business or brand within a few seconds. And moreover, people are attracted to visuals more than texts. So, spending money on this is really worth it.
  • Helps audience retain information: According to a research, an average person retains only up to 10% of what they hear. But, they can retain up to 50% of what they see. Therefore, you can understand pretty well that no matter how much information you have on your website, a visually pleasing presentation or a video, preferably an animated one can look extremely chic. So, hire a good explainer or Animation Company Sydney or Melbourne and ask them to create it for you. The best part is if customers like it, they will share it, which in return would fetch you more views.
  • Helps boost SEO: This visually appealing way of marketing will not just grab people’s attention and help them retain information, but they will also boost your SEO efforts. Believe me or not, an attractive video can increase your product’s sale and boost your SEO efforts too. Well basically, a video increases a viewer’s time on your website, which is loved by the Google’s algorithm. Therefore, since Search engines like Google is now paying more attention to videos, then you must surely make one for your brand’s promotion so that it can actually help your websites reach a high rank.

These were the three major benefits of creating an animated, explainer video. So, hire a good company and ask them to create it for you.


Author bio- Wendy Villar is a blogger and content marketing strategist too. If you want to know about Explainer Videos Melbourne, read his blog. His blogs will also help you get information about reputed Animation Company Sydney and other explainer video company.