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Benefits of Couples Workshops

Many couples wonder if a couples weekend workshop is really worthwhile. 

The answer is, “Yes!” Here’s why:

  • Immediate Tools for Couples - Workshop attendees immediately apply relationship skills learned at the workshop. A reputable workshop will provide materials and manuals for couples to take home and knowledge of easily applicable skills.
  • Improved Progress for Treatment - Couples say they are refreshed by their workshop experience and are motivated to continue to improve their relationship. The workshop provides a “big picture” view of what couples are working towards, which they can refer back to, as they address the deeper, slower work in couples therapy.
  • Greater Awareness - Attendees are taught concepts that are common in couples therapy. Thus, they benefit from a variety of psycho-educational tools without the high costs of private therapy.
  • Relationship Boost - Couples who have invested in therapy sessions consider the workshop a much needed “booster shot” for the relationship, whether or not they’ve ever been in couples counseling.

As a marriage therapist for 20 years, I have encountered many types of weekend workshops. The one I recommend is The Art and Science of Love, A Couples Workshop, created by The Gottman Institute. In the name of full disclosure: I am a Certified Gottman Therapist and I present these workshops. 

I received my Gottman credentials because, after a long search for the best relationship tools, I discovered that The Gottman Institute is the only couples workshop backed by rigorous scientific studies and research. Its couples workshop methods really work, making it the fastest way to a happier relationship.

I overheard this comment at Gottman marriage retreat I recently hosted in Colorado. It came from a valet attendant at our beautiful venue, The Cliff House.

The valet did not know that we were presenting a relationship workshop in the hotel conference room when he said to a member of my support team: “I don’t know what you’re doing in there, but whatever it is, it is amazing! I have never seen couples so connected and so attentive to each other.  Whatever you’re doing in there, keep doing it!”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Caralee Frederic, LCSW, has practiced as a private couples and individual therapist in Colorado, specializing in marriage and family counseling, for almost 20 years. She also presents The Art and Science of Love, a two-day couples workshop packed with information that helps couples with everything from managing conflict to developing greater intimacy. This Denver couples workshop material was created by The Gottman Institute. In addition to being a Certified Gottman Therapist, Caralee is also a Certified Sexual Addiction Recovery Therapist.  

To see if a couples workshop is right for you, contact Caralee at for a free consultation.