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Myths and Misconceptions about Alluring Lingerie

For most of the people lingerie is a term that should be whispered, even in the developed countries. People avoid any discussion in the public place, say a shopping mall, no matter if they have come here to purchase lingerie. And this is why people still have several myth and misconception about this particular piece of innerwear. Being one of the top online lingerie wholesaler near Victoria, here are some myths described by a salesman of the store.


Lingerie is Too Much Costly

While people easily pay the bill for their bra and panty, when it comes to a lingerie they avoid to purchase it. As per a survey, women don’t show interest on it mostly because they think it is too costly for their budget. While the fact is compared to the amount of cloth used, the manufacturing cost and above all the usefulness lingerie is actually less costly than a piece of branded bra.


It’s Good for Slim Ladies

It is a widely popular misconception that lingerie is designed for slim ladies with excellent curves. But, actually they don’t need a lingerie - a perfect size bra is enough for them. Rather every plus size lady should wear lingerie instead of just bra to give your body a perfect shape and hide the extra pounds. Also it will make you look sexy and hot and would help you attract your husband just like the early days.


Hard to Find Perfect Fitting

It’s very unfortunate that people mostly say that there are very less availability of a perfect fitting lingerie even though they have never been tried. But, the fact is today finding the most suitable lingerie from an online lingerie wholesaler near Victoria is simpler than buying a toffee at your local store. Just select the category and size and choose any from the list shown by the shopping site.


It is Good for Escorts Only

This is the worst among all as we think. Lingerie is a nightwear for every woman who wants both the comfort and a seductive look. Of course it is an intimate dress and should be worn before bed. But, it is enough sober to be worn by general ladies at home.


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