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Divorce Custody of Million Dollar worth Shoes

Here is a story, a surprising one that gives you a brief idea about how women can become excessively obsessive with shoes. This intriguing piece of news shares the word about a woman who went possessive even when her marriage was falling apart. Notwithstanding the lust for owning a luxurious house, the sentiment of parenting the children, this women did it what many others could not have. She simply couldn’t give up on her love for a million dollar worth shoe collection. That’s exactly where a heated debate of custody has been raised.


The heels seemed too much for her to let go off and she wouldn’t mind separating her soul from anything else. What happened meanwhile during the divorce will shock you outright. Husband Daniel Shak sued his wife for seeking custody of the entire collection, which he believes that the lady had hid from his sight.


Daniel asked for 35% of Beth’s 1million dollars’ worth shoes which includes a whopping 1200 pairs. Reports say that around 700 of them are from Christian Louboutins each of which again showcases a classy red sole as Daniel claims that she had hid these shoes much away from the sight of her husband. This she kept as secret during their divorce which took place some time ago. The gutsy poker player then responded to this saying how her husband could not notice the master bedroom which was stocked with designer shoes. She said the room was all filled with footwear that surrounded the room from floor till the ceiling.


Though a majority of divorce file suits are not based on such weird possession claims, the story however reflects on women’s obsession for shoes which tend to surpass those of men. Some women are found to segregate the female gender by the choice of fashion accessories they own and shoes and bags are among the top items that rule over their fetish range. so before you own the completely hot range of shoes from women’s Ellie shoes wholesaler in Victoria just think about what all you may have to compromise just because you are about to own something you are too possessive about.


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