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Make Yourself Look Seductive Even after Child Birth

After my delivery my tummy remained bulged out. I was supposed that I would again look slim-fit; but, my doc said it would take time and also I have to make effort for that. Well, doing household tasks and then taking care of the baby and then exercise! I couldn't manage. And the result is today I have a flabby body with popping tummy.


I started suffering from inferiority complex as I was not that much pretty anymore. One day when I men one of my college friends in a wholesaler of Shirley of Hollywood lingerie in Victoria she pointed me to my belly. I said her the story and also that my hubby don't love me like the early days anymore. She suggested me to wear shape wear. And then she took out her mobile and order a tummy shaper online for me and asked to wear it under my dress at home or while I go out. Surprisingly, it helped me look flat and I was also feeling enough confident.


I called her one day to say thanks. Then she suggested me to buy a lingerie for me. However, as I had gained several pounds during pregnancy, I said it won't fit on me. Then she said me to visit any wholesaler of lingerie in Victoria and purchase a plus size lingerie for me. Frankly speaking, I said okay; but wasn't mentally prepared. Actually, I thought those plus size lingerie would make me look funny and thus I didn't go.


After several days when I met her again and she asked if I had bought it - I surrendered and said my thought. She laughed aloud and pulled me to a nearby lingerie shop. She dealt with the lady and chosen a lingerie for me and asked to try in the trail room. Though I was in dilemma, when I saw myself in the mirror I couldn't believe that it was me! Really I was looking just like a college girl - young, hot and seductive. I paid the bill and rushed home in excitement. You won't believe I saw amazing change in my hubby's attitude from that day after and now I am too much happy with my family. In fact, I enjoy honeymoon every night, at home.


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