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Bangladeshi Child Abuser Md Shahin AKA Periodicitems Accused of Molesting His Own Baby Daughter

Dhaka, Bangladesh - A father of barely two year old girl, Md Shahin AKA Periodicitems - a freelance software developer, has been arrested for allegedly molesting his own daughter. 
Md Shahin, a Dhaka based developer was found guilty by the police after fingerprint and DNA tests on 13th September 2016. 
The complaint was filed by MD Shahin’s own wife upon finding severe bite and blood marks around their daughter’s private area, allegedly made by Shahin. 
He later confessed to have molested his daughter several times in the past before found by the wife.

The two year old daughter of Md Shahinur Rahman is now being treated at United Hospital, Dhaka.
The police intends to file severe charges against Md Shahinur Rahman (also known as Periodicitems on popular freelancer and WordPress websites such as & 

Furthermore, Md Shahin AKA Periodicitems, has been reported active yet again on websites such as, and continuing his streak of scamming clueless buyers and employers via WordPress, PHP and web design projects.
Disguised as a trustworthy individual by increasing his own rating via internal projects, the scammer is now considered one of the leading cyber-criminals on the Freelancer marketspace - yet unknown to the public. 

CyberSecurityWatchDog issues a warning to employers to conduct a thorough online research prior to hiring a freelancer due to the likes of Md Shahin AKA Periodicitems.
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