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Design Themes that will Turn your Ho-hum House into Amazing Abodes

People who simply rent a furnished and generic apartment or condo unit because they are too busy with their careers and barely stay at home just cannot be bothered to reorganize and redesign the place to give it a distinct vibe and a more personal touch. Besides, all they really need at the end of the day is a place to crash and sleep so that they can recharge their weary minds and exhausted bodies. But there are also people who are planning for the future and therefore they are thinking of buying Thailand property and investing in other real estate opportunities so that they can have a place they can call their own.

When designing their own house to adapt to their taste, give it a unique and distinct ambiance as well as reflect their lifestyle and personality, there are many design themes and concepts that homeowners can choose from. Here are just a few suggestions that will turn their Thailand investment property into a safe haven that they can be proud of for the rest of their life.

1. Geek is Chic

Instead of going for bland paintjobs on your ceiling and walls as well as boring tiles or carpet on your floor, pop culture reference is all the rage for millennials in these modern times. Hanging movie posters of your favorite films and putting action figures instead of lamps or flower vases on top of your tables and entertainment consoles makes your living area more fun and edgy. Instead of traditional magazines, putting manga and comic books on your coffee table and shelves is certainly a welcome change for your younger guests.

2. No School like the Old School

Don’t call it a comeback because the classics never go out of style just like Chuck Taylors, the Beatles and Ford Mustangs from the late 1960’s to the early 70’s. But instead of buying brand new furniture that are made to look old, look for cheap and genuine ones in thrift shops, second-hand stores and maybe even in the garage or basement of your grandparents’ house.

3. Steampunk and Industrial Revolution

These two design concepts go perfect together especially for male homeowners who want a harder, more masculine and tougher look for their home. Old engines and steel machine parts complete with nuts, bolts, gears and coil springs that are arranged and distributed around in an artistic and tasteful manner get the job done. Dark brown leather seats with brass and bronze ornaments in key areas tie the whole concept together without making your house look like a filthy garage or abandoned factory.

4. Asian Invasion

For a more exotic feel and relaxing vibe, homeowners can go for Asian flavors and they have a lot of options to choose from. You do not have to buy property in Thailand because you can bring Southeast Asia into your own home. From the minimalist and simple nature of Japanese houses to the more intricate, ornate and traditional Chinese designs that invite good Feng Shui, you can never go wrong because they are all classy, tasteful and exude a calming and homey ambiance.