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4 of The Most Expensive Gardens in The World

1. Leonardslee Garden - over $7.5 million

Leonardslee Garden is situated in West Sussex at 225-acre land filled with elegant flowers gardens, lakes, waterfalls and noble trees. This garden is planted with one of the most interesting and impressive flowers like camellias, rhododendrons, magnolias and azaleas. The Leonardslee Garden has been owned by the Sir Edmund Loder family since 1889. It has been opened for visitors for 101 years. In 2010 the fifth generation Loders sold it for $7.62 million to an anonymous buyer and he denied the public access.

2. Ace of Diamonds – over $31 million

This is the most expensive garden worldwide. Since 2010 it becomes a home to the Chelsea Flower Show and presents one of the most fantastic types of plants. Ace of Diamonds is designed by the famous landscape gardener David Domoney. He puts in it fusion plants and precious jewelries. That’s how you make a true masterpiece! In the garden you can see plants named after jewels and jewelry inspired by flowers.

3. Jardin Majorelle, Morocco

This Moroccan Garden is designed by the French painter Jacques Majorelle. This garden amazes with creativity and finesse. It is definitely a place that deserves to be seen. Walking in it can make you surprised by the human talent and delicacy. Jardin Majorelle is full with water lilies, big cacti collection and gorgeous lotus flowers. There are more than fifteen bird species that live in it, and you can hear their beautiful songs. The garden was opened in 1947 and since 1980 has been owned by Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint-Laurent. The ashes of the famous designer were scattered there after his death. Today the garden is property of the city of Marrakech and is an important tourist attraction.

4. Yuyuan Garden, China

We all know that the Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the world and their work is always huge and splendid. The ancient Chinese nation believed that the Spring is endless, so you can feel the same thing while walking into its paths. The garden Yuyuan is luxuriously and impressive. The meaning of its name is - “Garden of happiness”. It is situated in Shanghai’s City God Temple. Built by the Ming Dynasty in the mid 1500s, this garden's total land is five acres. Its style is Suzhou and dragon walls separate each different part. Towers, pavilions and koi ponds preserve the authenticity of this garden.

It’s true that these gardens are really works of art. Owning and maintaining such an amazing place is not impossible but it can be hard and time-consuming procedure. When you want to enjoy the beauty and detail shown in your home, you can always turn to adept gardeners who can realise your wildest dreams. Sometimes everyone needs a nudge on the shoulder to give expression to their most brave desires.