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Choosing Perfect Shoe as Per Your Body Shape

I know you already have come across several articles for choosing perfect shoe for different dresses. But, have you ever thought about how it impact on your body? Yes, our full body weight remains on our foot and so a wrong shoe design can damage the shape of your feet, if not even worse. Yes, I'm going to tell you the science of choosing the perfect shoe; not the arts. Well, don't panic; I am not going to teach you some complex theories full of medical terms. It's all about common knowledge. Just go through the article:


Center of Gravity - The Key Point

Well, it's definitely a term from physics. Let me put it simply. It is the way we distribute the body weight in all sides to keep us in proper balance. Unlike a man, women's body is full of curves and unevenly stocked fat and thus it becomes too important to choose a shoe that can help you get a better balance. I have noticed ladies who wear high heel shoes from women's Ellie shoe wholesaler Victoria and walk awkwardly.


Stripes - It Gives a Good Fitting

While stripes makes a shoe beautiful and every brand use these strips to decorate your shoe, you must choose your shoe wisely. A shoe with properly situated stripes ensures perfect grip of the shoe with your feet. Else you may fall on your nose and injure your ankle. It also may keep your muscles strained for prolonged time and thus you may develop permanent pain in your legs. Keep in mind that the strips should give your feet a perfect hold from all side and it isn't loose anyhow.


Material - It Matters

Well, women's shoe are not pain as men's. Companies use various types of material in women shoes and often the salesperson can't tell you exactly what material it is made up of. Well, we don't say that you have to be an expert of that. You just need to check if it is enough comfortable or not. Push your fingers inside the shoe and check the roughness. Women's skin is more delicate than to men and minor rough material can leave mark on your soft pinkish skin. Also, if it is a high heel shoe and the bottom surface is too slippy you may get blisters as the load of your body would go directly on your front-feet part. It you want to purchase a full covered shoe from women's Ellie shoe wholesaler Victoria make sure the material good for breathing; else it won't allow the sweat to evaporate and your feet start smelling soon.


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