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Taking Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil Every Day Should Be Your Fitness Mantra

Nordic Naturals ARCTIC COD LIVER OIL - Lemon Flavour


The sea is a great source of nutritional but few other supplements are as nutritious for the human body as Nordic Naturals Cod Liver oil. This oil, as the name suggests is an essential oil derived from the liver of the Atlantic cod. It is probably the best source of omega 3 fatty acids and is known to contain highly nutritious amounts of vitamin A and D.


Although the modern supplement market has introduced this only a few decades ago, the use of cod liver oil can be traced back to a couple of centuries ago. Besides containing numerous nutrients, as specified above, oil extracted from the cod liver is said to have certain therapeutic benefits as well. It has been linked with the reducing the risk of depression and has been proved beneficial for the brain, joints, and cardiovascular health. Cod liver oil is one of the traditional remedies that are reappearing in the modern medical market. Are you getting your daily dose of this ancient health remedy?


Benefits of Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Are Numerous


The nutritional value of cod liver oil is unparalleled even among its contemporaries. Here are some reasons that this supplement with multiple health remedies is steadily growing in popularity:


  • Perhaps the important reason to choose this supplement is the fact that it does not have a pungent fishy smell that most fish oil supplements are infamous for. This supplement in available in many delicious flavors like peach, lemon, apple, strawberry, orange and well as unflavored.
  • Fatty fish like cod are a high source of omega 3 acids like EPA and DHA which are crucial for improving immune function as well as aiding cognitive development.
  • This supplement is used as a mood booster and has been found to be beneficial in providing relief from menstrual pains. It also promotes healthy glowing skin.
  • It is no secret that fish extracts are great for vision and this supplement is no different. Cod liver oil is known to prevent macular degeneration. It also helps arthritis patients.


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