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How Chakra Healing Actually Works

While there is no scientific study on the value of crystal healing, there studies that suggest that crystal healings may induce a Placebo effect in patient who receives these types of treatments. “Placebo” effects are that accompany the treatment that are not openly due to the treatments itself acting on the disease of patients, according to Experts.

In other words, a person may feel healthier after undergoing crystal healing treatment, but there are no scientific proofs that results has anything to do with the crystals being used in the treatment.

For the study, 1000 participants were asked to meditate for few minutes while holding either a real quartz crystal or a fake crystal that they believed was real. Before meditating approximately half of the participant was ready to notice any effects that the crystals may have on them, like tingling in the body or heat in the hand holding the crystal.

After meditating, participants answered the questions about whether they feel any effect from the crystal healing session. The researchers found that the effects reported by those who held a fake crystal while meditating was no different than the effects reported by those who held a real crystal during their study.

Many participants in both groups reported feeling a warm sensation in the hand holding a real crystal or a fake crystal, as well as an increase the feeling of overall well being. Those who had been ready to felt these effects reported stronger effect than those who had not been ready. However, the strength of this effect does not associate with whether the person in question was holding a real crystal or a fake crystal. Those who believed in the power and energy of crystals healing were twice as likely as unbelievers to report emotion effect from the crystals.

There is no evidence that crystal healing works over placebo effects, “French told Live Science”. That is the appropriate standard to judge many forms of treatment. But whether or not you judge crystal healings, or any other form of (supplementary and substitute medicine), to be totally worthless depend on your attitude to placebo effects.

There are many forms of treatments that are known to have no therapeutic healing effect other than placebo effect. However, while these treatments might make you feel better momentarily, there is no proof that they can actually cure diseases or treat health conditions. If you are suffering from serious medical issues, you should seek treatment from licensed physician, not an alternative healer.

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